K 2019 / Hasco Highlights at K

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Numerous highlights that Hasco will be showcasing at K will include the company 's latest products as well as innovative portal and CAD features.

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Hasco's multiple shut-off couplings and multiple shut-off system Z809HT/... is suitable for high-temperature applications.
Hasco's multiple shut-off couplings and multiple shut-off system Z809HT/... is suitable for high-temperature applications.
(Source: Hasco)

Innovations like multiple shut-off couplings and nipples for high-temperature applications, position-monitoring switches, locating ring adapters and more will be on exhibit.

According to Hasco, the multiple shut-off couplings and multiple shut-off system Z809HT/... and Z819HT/..offer process safety in applications using hot water or heating/cooling oil. They are said to provide optimal performance in mould temperature control while offering virtually leak-free uncoupling. The systems have high-temperature sealing rings to allow for maximum loads and are easily distinguished from the standard range through their colour. They are available with M16x1.5 and G3/8 connection threads.


Another highlight are the proximity switches Z1472/... and Z1476/..., which are used in injection and die-casting moulds and stamping tools for precise, contact-free position monitoring of movement sequences. Being very heat-resistant, these switches are deployed in high-temperature applications. The switches have an electromagnetic alternating field, which enables electrically conductive workpieces to be detected as soon as they reach this field. As such, wear-free process monitoring during production can be ensured. The switches are short-circuit proof to protect from polarity reversal and they also enable low switching tolerance and high repeat accuracy.

Hasco's locating ring adapter Z7500/... enables, through an integrated spring-tensioning system, flexible, tool-free adjustment of injection moulds on injection moulding machines with larger breakthroughs. The locating ring adapter guarantee improved machine capacity utilisation through greater flexibility of the production planning, the company claims. Some of its special features include it having a large lead-in chamfer to the injection moulding machine with an 8-mm guide in the injection mould and allow for quick, tool-free adaption. It is suitable for cleanrooms and are available in inch and metric versions.

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