Printing composite materials High-tech jewelry made by Laser-Powder Bed Fusion technology

Source: CRP Technolgoy

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Jewelry brand Eternha has chosen CRP Technology and Windform GT, Glassfiber reinforced composite material used to manufacture harsh and advanced applications, to create some elements of their Men’s collection bracelets. It is an absolute novelty in the jewelry sector.

Men’s bracelet Aquilha in Obsidian, 925 Silver, Steel, Windform
Men’s bracelet Aquilha in Obsidian, 925 Silver, Steel, Windform
(Source: Eternha)

Jewelry brand company Eternha was founded in 2020 by Stefano Massimiliano Marangoni and Chiara Cistriani. The store was opened on June 25, 2022. Their offers combine the traditional materials of the jewelry industry and craftsmanship (natural hard stones and/or precious and non-precious metals) with hi-tech composite materials, polyamide based, used in the most advanced industrial sectors such as Motorsports and Aerospace. “It is a brand new project, never realized before” Stefano Massimiliano Marangoni and Chiara Cistriani say “50 percent of our investments are focused on product quality. The rest is innovation, eco-sustainability and the search for harmony between materials and colors. "

Stefano and Chiara explain: “Our purpose has always been to realize high-quality jewels. Once the level of materials was fixed, we wanted to be innovative; so we decided to insert in our creations some elements made of a hi-tech material that, on the one hand, would provide a precise identity to our bracelets, and on the other hand, allow anyone to wear something unusual for the fashion world."

At this point, there was nothing left to do but proceed with the creation of bracelets with hi-tech inserts. After some unproductive contacts, Chiara and Stefano met CRP Technology, “an international entity, with a historic headquarters in Italy”, Stefano and Chiara add.

“After identified in CRP the appropriate technology supplier, we had to find the proper material for our aims; we liked the idea of combining our jewelry with indestructible elements, made of a material used for extreme and functional applications, something “eternal”. Thanks to the collaboration with CRP Technology, we have discovered an extraordinary material, a polyamide-based composite, glass fiber reinforced, developed and produced by CRP Technology: Windform GT.”

Windform GT has been used to manufacture, via Selective Laser Sintering (Laser-Powder Bed Fusion technology), some elements for Eternha Men’s bracelets Aquilha, Falcho, Lupho and Cobrha.


“They are small elements — Stefano specifies — approximately 10-12 mm as a maximum size. Shapes vary from parallelepiped to sphere and cylinder, with different graphic elaborations. And, in one case, with the engraving of our company logo. Given the very small shapes we had to abandon some ideas and adapt others. But there is no compromise when it comes the quality. We wanted the top of the hi-tech range, and we got it with the Windform GT composite material.”

Windform GT is a versatile composite material in terms of performance and aesthetic appeal. In fact, it combines characteristics of elasticity, ductility and impact resistance, with a deep lustrous finish after hand polishing. It is also not electrically conductive, it is resistant to the absorption of moisture and liquids, and is approved for skin contact.

Stefano adds: “We wanted to include in our creations one or more elements made of a material used to manufacture advanced, functional applications; a material capable of attracting customers for its intrinsic meaning and for the suggestions it evokes, rather than for its excellent mechanical characteristics.”

Conformity of final part to the design is the most appreciated feature of Additive Manufacturing by Eternha: “The 3D printing process of Selective Laser Sintering”, Chiara and Stefano say, “guarantees perfect control of the concept, with no risk of incurring “interpretations” by the supplier during the manufacturing phase. This is a very important fact, especially in the pre-production phase, when many features as cutting and balancing must be considered. Moreover, our jewels are sold online only, and personalized with the wrist measurement entered by customers. Ensuring total adherence of the final, customized bracelet to the one seen online, is therefore essential.”


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