Centring Units High-precision tool guidance in a small space

Source: Press release

Strack Norma extends its range of centring units by the variants Z60 and Z70. Thanks to the small installation diameter and the low installation depth, the new space-saving variants are optimally suited for narrow installation spaces.

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The centring units Z60 and Z70 in cylindrical design.
The centring units Z60 and Z70 in cylindrical design.
(Source: Strack Norma)

The two new centring units Z60 and Z70 from Strack Norma are available in different dimensions from a guide diameter of 6 mm. With an installation diameter of 8 to 20 mm and the small installation depth of 9 to 11 mm, they are suitable for small installation space. While the screw connection of the Z60 is done from the back, the Z70 can optionally be mounted respectively dismounted from the parting plane or the rear side.

Since the mounting in the mould can be easily produced, the centring units offer new possibilities for positioning plates or inserts in the mould at low cost.

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