Cutting tools High-gloss finish enhances the productivity of special tools

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Cutting tool manufacturer Inovatools offers a special high-gloss finish to give high-end milling cutters and drills that extra performance boost. According to the company, this helps to achieve double-digit percentage increases in the service lives of these specially treated tools.

A special high-gloss finish enhances the performance and durability of Inovatools’ high-end milling cutters and drills.
A special high-gloss finish enhances the performance and durability of Inovatools’ high-end milling cutters and drills.
(Source: Inovatools)

As industrial production requirements become ever more stringent, so too are production processes becoming ever more multifarious and, above all, more complex. Special tools optimised in line with different material and cutting conditions are frequently the solutions of choice for machining all the different materials in a cost-effective manner.

According to Dennis Marz, head of product management and R&D at Inovatools, “Tools that go above and beyond the standard requirements always face particular challenges. When it comes to cutting, it’s not only the right tool geometry that counts but also the right finishing process. It needs to be optimised in line with every machining situation so that we can achieve the best possible service lives for our customers.”

Thanks to significantly reduced friction, high-gloss finished milling cutters improve chip removal from the machining zone, while the cutting heat is dissipated even more quickly and effectively through the chips. Temperature increases on the cutting tool and in the workpiece to be machined can be effectively reduced, as can material buildup and galling on the cutting edge. The procedure is suitable for coated and non-coated tools alike.

As Marz explains: “Even small batches can now be machined cost-effectively. The tools featuring our high-gloss finish can be operated at higher feed rates and cutting speeds and have very long service lives, which makes the overall process more productive. This also enhances process reliability.”


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