Parts cleaning Grids ensure efficient and safe industrial parts cleaning

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

Germany — Equipping conveyor and cabinet washing systems with grids results in more efficient and safer cleaning processes of industrial parts.

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Interlayer mesh screens for chemical or thermal parts cleaning
Interlayer mesh screens for chemical or thermal parts cleaning
(Source: DK Fixiersysteme)

The 2020 expanded range of surface protection products from DK Fixiersysteme is based on the principle of extruded plastic nets, whereby the base material is, in each case, clearly oriented towards the application.

PE as LDPE for net sleeves and HDPE for net mats are the standard materials for the company's produces used in the surface protection of sensitive parts — especially for storage and transport before and after industrial parts cleaning.

In the medical products sector, designed as an open one end instrument protection cap, the nets made of pure PE also facilitate the process of steam sterilisation. Modified as EVA also available with anti-slip properties.

The higher-grade plastic for net mats used in the surface cleaning of sensitive parts with high-temperature aqueous solutions. To protect the parts against each other and against the container, as well as to space the parts far enough apart so that the cleaning effect and the drying process of the appliance is as effectively as possible.

This thermoplastic is used in solvent-based cleaning systems.The net-specific advantages also apply in these areas:

  • Workpiece protection
  • Fluid permeability
  • Air permeability
  • Reusability

Special features and service:

  • Goods on the roll directly from stock
  • Fabrication of customer specific sizes at short notice
  • Manufacture of double-walled, one end closed net sleeves

Intelligent parts handling before, during and after the industrial cleaning process, requires parts and process specific net products. DK has carefully adapted the new Netzsave programme to these requirements and, through a new warehouse building, has increased delivery capacity in such a way that all products are available from stock.

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