Filtration and atmosphere management Fume and dust filtration for 3D printers

Source: Bofa

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Bofa International will be returning to the Formnext exhibition this year to showcase its range of Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing filtration and atmosphere management systems.

Bofas’ stand will be in Hall 12, E18.
Bofas’ stand will be in Hall 12, E18.
(Source: Bofa)

At Formnext in Frankfurt, Germany, Bofa’s team will be there all week to show the latest technology and answer questions. The showcased product line-up will include systems designed to meet the needs of many different additive manufacturing processes. For small format 3D printers (build volume < 0.03 m3) Bofa offers the 3D Print Pro 2, while the 3D Print Pro 3 has been designed for medium-sized 3D printers (0.03 m3 < build volume < 0.2 m3). 3D Print Pro 4 is a premium system for large-scale 3D printers and print farms with multiple 3D printers within a cabinet (build volume <0.2 m3). The range is completed by the 3D Print Pro HT for medium-sized high temperature 3D printers (0.03 m3 < build volume < 0.2 m3), the AM 400 stand-alone system for inert particulate filtration with powder bed fusion processes and the Fume Cab 1000 iQ for post-processing in a large working area.


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