Event Update Formnext’s hygiene concept

Editor: Steffen Donath

Trade fairs must re-invent themselves post-Covid-19. Formnext presents a first look at their concept for the 2020 iteration.

Providing a hygiene concept is one part, but it is also up to each visitor to do their part in keeping the rest of the attendees safe.
Providing a hygiene concept is one part, but it is also up to each visitor to do their part in keeping the rest of the attendees safe.
(Source: Clay Banks (Unsplash))

With the wide-ranging health protection concept, which was developed in co-operation with Messe Frankfurt GmbH, the exhibition organisers aim to provide maximum protection for exhibitors, visitors and employees. The concept centres around a range of measures focusing on hygiene (higher cleaning frequency for example), social distancing (including

professional crowd management), and a generous supply of fresh air (including a regular exchange of the hall air every hour).

A thorough registration process for visitors is also planned as well as tickets that are only valid on specific days. Unnecessary contact will be avoided thanks to the fully electronic registration and payment system. A self-declaration concerning attendees’ current state of health, for example, will also be mandatory.

Aisle and booth redesign

Formnext is also taking new approaches in the design of the exhibition space and booths: The aisles between the booths will be significantly wider (increasing from 3 to 6 meters) and will also be flanked by a 1 meter-wide communication strip on each side. There will also be CCTV and trained personnel in the hall to monitor whether the Coronavirus and social distancing requirements are being observed. The general distance concept is based on a calculation designed to ensure a sufficiently large exhibition space per visitor. The booth construction guidelines are also being adapted accordingly and recommendations regarding catering, for instance, will also be provided. Furthermore, Formnext is offering exhibitors turnkey booth packages designed to comply with all of the social distancing and health protection requirements.

Digital offering

However, Formnext 2020 will also have a much stronger digital focus this year in order to offer participants unable to travel the opportunity to participate. The digital aspect is to include online product presentations and the accessibility of contact persons. This will enable a fast and extensive exchange in the virtual environment. Digital matchmaking also offers a wide range of search and communication capabilities to establish contacts based on similar interests and promote exchange. The format also includes the live and on-demand transmission of a large number of individual supporting events.