Additive Manufacturing Formnext: Stratasys announces broadest ever product line-up

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

Stratasys is set to return to Frankfurt with a bang, using Formnext (16-19 November 2021) as its European debut for the largest line-up of new technologies, printers, materials and software in the company's history. At the same time, the company continues to pursue its strategy of moving from prototyping to mass production using polymer 3D printing solutions.

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The Origin One system uses proprietary P3 technology, producing parts from a variety of high-performance materials with high accuracy, repeatability and fast time to part.
The Origin One system uses proprietary P3 technology, producing parts from a variety of high-performance materials with high accuracy, repeatability and fast time to part.
(Source: Nadav Goren/ Stratasys)

At Formnext, Stratasys will be showcasing the recently announced technologies that offer thrust for manufacturers seeking production-level throughput, increased part quality and larger part size.

The industrial-level 3D printing solutions on show collectively for the first time in Europe include:

  • The Origin One 3D printer — designed for end-use manufacturing applications, the Origin One produces high volume parts in a wide range of open, certified third-party materials with industry-leading accuracy, detail, finish, repeatability, and time to part.
  • The H350 3D printer — uses SAF technology to give manufacturers production consistency, a competitive and predictable cost per part, and complete control for the output of thousands of end-use parts spanning applications including covers, connectors, hinges, cable holders, electronics housings, and ducting.
  • The F770 FDM 3D printer — builds on the company’s reputation for repeatability and reliability via industrial-grade FDM technology. Ideal for big parts, this newest FDM 3D printer features the longest fully heated build chamber on the market and a generous build volume of almost 0.4 cubic meters.

As well as accelerating the shift from traditional to additive manufacturing for production applications, Stratasys remains committed to making ultra-realistic prototyping capabilities more accessible to product designers than ever before.


At Formnext, this will be exemplified by the company’s multi-material J35 Pro and J55 Prime 3D printers, introduced earlier this year to help designers and engineers quickly and efficiently create realistic ultra-realistic models and prototypes in an office-friendly environment. Both on show for the first time at a major international tradeshow, the J35 Pro represents the first multi-material 3D printer for the desktop from Stratasys, while the equally affordable J55 Prime includes a new set of versatile materials providing tactile, textual, and sensory capabilities in addition to full color.

Formnext visitors will also be able to hear how the company’s expanding GrabCAD Software Partner Program — which recently added Manufacturing Execution System (MES) provider, AMFG –enables customers to integrate additive manufacturing into their Industry 4.0 initiatives.

Additionally, Stratasys’ stand will feature new 3D printed customer application projects, as well as cutting-edge work from one of Europe’s premier award-winning design agencies.

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