Cutting Tools For state-of-the-art machining: Expanded line of cutting tools

Source: Press release

The return of the Mach exhibition provided a welcome boost to the industry, and as a UK manufacturer of cutting tools, Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) used the opportunity to demonstrate all its latest innovations.

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A selection of the ITC solid carbide cutting tools at Mach.
A selection of the ITC solid carbide cutting tools at Mach.
(Source: ITC)

Mach was the first opportunity for manufacturers to investigate all the new product lines showcased by ITC and have face-to-face discussions with experts. For ITC, its cutting tool experts noticed a renewed vigour from engineers visiting the show and their interest in all of the new technologies developed by ITC as well as its partners Widia, Big Kaiser, Kemmler and Bass.

One of the new ITC products that attracted the interest was the 6054 Series of end mill developed specifically for the machining of steel and exotic material types. The geometry of the 6054 Series has a centre cutting geometry with harmonic fluting to maximise material removal rates and swarf evacuation whilst minimising vibration to enhance surface finishes and tool life. This chip evacuation is further enhanced by extremely efficient chip breakers. The 6-flute series 6054 Series is available with diameter options of 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 and 20 mm with a length of cut from 18 mm on the 6 mm diameter tool through to 60 mm on the 20 mm diameter end mills.

With a team of Widia experts at Mach, the indexable insert line from this renowned brand was also popular at the show. Of particular interest was the new Widia M1600 face mill series that received its Mach debut. Also proving to be a crowd-pleaser alongside the M1600 was the M8065HD milling system for machining steel and cast-iron materials. Designed with eight cutting edges and extra-wide chip gashes, the new M8065HD can achieve significant depths of cut while producing high metal removal rates during face and shoulder milling applications. ITC offers an extensive line of solid carbide and indexable drills, and at Mach, this was evident with the expanded range of indexable inserts added to the Widia Top Drill TDMX modular drilling line.

From the Big Kaiser stable, ITC introduced the expanded line-up of Smart Damper-equipped, arbour-style face mill holders that support face mills with diameters of 80 mm or 100 mm with an arbour pilot diameter of 27 mm. The Model SDF57 assembly has an outside diameter of 71.8 mm and allows users of 75 mm face mills to access up to 500 mm of reach, the longest tool assembly in the industry using standard components. Also from Big Kaiser was the Mega Synchro Tapping Chuck. The new tapping chuck has a special function built-in to compensate for synchronisation errors that may occur during rigid tapping.