Vomat/ AMB Filtration technology keeps coolant longer, saves costs

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Filtration systems expert Vomat says it provides solutions that filter oils and remove ultra-fine particles that result from grinding, honing, lapping, eroding and other metal working processes.

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(Source: Vomat)

According to Vomat, the company's filtration systems have an automatically controlled, filter-backwash process that is activated only on demand and completely separates contaminated from clean oil. Using a combination of frequency-controlled filter pumps and on-demand filtration, energy consumption is good, being lower than competing units, the company claims.

The high-performance pre-coat filters ensure that clean oil with a purity level of NAS 7 (3-5 µm) is available for the grinding process for long periods. Vomat filtration systems are low-maintenance, compact and available in several sizes, ranging from stand-alone units for single machines to plant-wide central systems. Their modular concept, offering a range of cooling and disposal options as well as the ability to handle the mixed use of carbide and HSS, allows for customised systems. Besides the compact stand-alone units of the FA series (70 to 1200 l flow rate/minute), a new vacuum belt filter UBF will be highlights at AMB, the metalworking trade fair in September in Stuttgart, Germany. Enabling a filtration fineness of 3-25 µm, it is suited for filtering oils and emulsions contaminated with steel, HSS, binders and grinding-wheel particles. The UBF filter requires about 70% less space, while delivering 100% performance, compared to conventional systems, Vomat adds.

Vomat will be exhibiting at AMB in Hall 8, Booth A79.

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