DME/Milacron Expanding the product range

Editor: Briggette Jaya

New offerings from mould technolgies expert, DME, to its standard mould bases and components include ball guiding units, drilled insulating plates and baffles extensions.

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A whole lot of additions to DME's offerings.
A whole lot of additions to DME's offerings.
(Source: Milacron_DME)

According to Belgium-based-DME, which belong to the Milacron Group, the ball guiding units are available either with or without collars. The guiding systems come with guide bushes for pusher guides. There are self-lubricating ball guide bushes for ejector sets with graphite inserts to allow for permanent lubrication. Options with recirculating ball bushing for ejector sets with unlimited stroke length are also available as well as threaded bolts and inserts for ejector sets. New additions to the self-lubricating guiding systems are said to support applications with high wear-resistance, which have rather good emergency operating features.

Also an expert in cooling and mould temperature controls, DME will introduce new drilled insulating plates. The pre-machined insulation boards are available with holes and come either with or without locating ring holes. The boards do not require any additional reworking.

The company has also extended its range of baffles, adding new dimensions — M14 and M18 — with lengths of 150 and 300. These additions, DME says, allow for expanded applications for any mould by providing more freedom in the design phase.

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