Show Preview: Euroguss 2020 “Euroguss is the premier meeting point when it comes to die-casting”

Author / Editor: Messe Nuremberg / Steffen Donath

The preparations for Euroguss 2020, taking place at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre from 14 to 16 January 2020, are in full swing. Christopher Boss explains why you must not miss Euroguss 2020.

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Christopher Boss is the director and international product manager of Euroguss.
Christopher Boss is the director and international product manager of Euroguss.
(Source: Messe Nürnberg)

Mr Boss, you could almost describe 2018 as the international year of die-casting for Euroguss and the entire event family. What do you think? Are you satisfied with how the trade fairs are performing?

Boss: The global market is currently very stable and developing positively despite slight uncertainties in the sector. There is strong demand for die-casting; some companies are at the limits of their production capacity yet nevertheless expanding into growth markets. But it was also a very good year for Euroguss and its international offshoots. It kicked off with Euroguss in Nuremberg, followed by China Diecasting in Shanghai. Responding to requests from the industry, we held both Euroguss Mexico and Euroguss Asia Pacific in Thailand for the first time in 2018 and in doing so were able to add strategically important markets to the Euroguss family. The year closed with Alucast in India. We are extremely pleased with how these events went and are looking proudly at the steady growth of our Euroguss family.

The last Euroguss broke records with 641 exhibitors, 18,758 sq/m of display area and 15,354 visitors. How are preparations going for this year’s event?

Boss: Euroguss 2018 exceeded our expectations by far and it was the biggest and most successful Euroguss ever. But crucially, and from my perspective almost more importantly, the trade visitors were of the right calibre. A poll showed that 97 % of exhibitors were satisfied with the quality of visitors and were able to reach their target groups. More than half of the visitors held leading roles with decision-making authority. The visitors themselves were also extremely satisfied with what was on offer at the trade fair and were able to successfully realise their objectives. This means that, overall, we can demonstrate a high level of satisfaction with Euroguss. I am pleased about that and it confirms that we are on the right track with our concept.

What segments and countries do the exhibitors come from?

Boss: The largest proportion of exhibitors continues to come from Europe, mostly from Germany and Italy. The international exhibitor contingent share is at more than 50 % and poised to grow further, but again there is a strong focus on Europe. Euroguss is the only event that covers the entire die-casting process chain, so naturally it features a broad range of topics. Most exhibitors are foundries, but there are also numerous exhibitors from the product categories of die-casting moulds and accessories, after-treatment of castings, die-casting machines, surface technology and R&D. The last two categories also have their own dedicated display areas. In 2020, we will be organising the Surface Technology Pavilion in co-operation with our partner, Fairxperts, who disposes over a very good industry network, especially for deburring technology. The special “Research for Knowledge” show is designed for universities, higher education establishments and research institutes. Research plays an important role at Euroguss because it determines the future of the industry. Another objective is the international networking of research institutes. Companies are finding it more and more difficult to find suitable skilled workers, so we want to help companies attract attention to themselves and find suitable candidates.


What’s new at Euroguss 2020 and are there special highlights and focus topics?

Boss: Apart from the aforementioned special display areas, the special “Additive Manufacturing” show will make its debut at Euroguss 2020, because 3D printing is also becoming increasingly important to the die-casting segment. The aim is to represent the entire value creation chain so that interested parties can gain insights into the opportunities offered by additive manufacturing. Another new feature is the “Innovation made in Germany” pavilion, which is subsidised by the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) to help innovative young companies take part in the exhibition. In this context, we hope above all to appeal to companies that are not operating exclusively in the die-casting sector, but for which this industry is interesting. Participants can have as much as 60 % of their stand hire costs reimbursed under the scheme. For Euroguss 2020, we have also done some work on hall configuration, giving us more flexibility. We have room for more exhibitors and can also accommodate requests to enlarge stands. However, the new hall configuration also offers another advantage: We can use a second entrance with direct access to the local subway station. This is good because more and more visitors are using public transport to get to the event.

Why should companies visit Euroguss 2020?

Boss: Euroguss is the primary meeting point for the die-casting industry, a sector that is often not very visible to the public, although I am sure that everyone uses die-cast products in their everyday lives. Materials such as aluminium, magnesium and zinc can be used flexibly for a wide range of applications. We therefore also want to win over visitors from companies that have not used die-casting before and convince them of the benefits of this manufacturing process. We offer companies the right platform in Europe and through our Euroguss family in other parts of the world as well, as our range of events is growing constantly. Euroguss presents the latest trends, developments, new approaches, innovative products and solutions. It is the first port of call when it comes to die-casting. Euroguss is where the experts gather and network, and we want to keep it that way. This is why we are constantly working on fine-tuning the concept and responding to the needs of the industry.

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