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ETMM Dossier – Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is on the rise. But where to start? How to tackle the first AI project? And how will this technology shape the industry? Find out in our new dossier.

Artificial Intelligence is said to improve processes everywhere. But hides behind the abbreviation AI and what future does it hold for the industry? On top of that, what is the potential benefit for your area specifically?
This whitepaper serves as an introduction to the topic and underlines definition with practical examples of cases from the industry. Finally, we will outline seven concrete steps to help you on your way to your first machine learning project.

This whitepaper focuses on:
  • the basics of AI
  • the use of AI in construction projects
  • individual solutions made possible via AI
  • AI and its usage in recruiting
  • the seven steps to a machine learning project

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Whitepaper Cover: Vogel Communocations Group


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