UPC tooling system Erowa's UPC 2.0: Raising the bar in precision and flexibility for machining workpieces

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Whether it comes to machining large workpieces on milling machines or working on smaller workpieces on EDM centers, the Erowa UPC (Universal Power Chuck) is the ideal for flexible daily use. With a repeatability of two microns in pallet change, the UPC fulfils high demands place on precision.

The new Erowa UPC 2.0 features maximum clamping power, superior precision and wide variety of assembly and control options.
The new Erowa UPC 2.0 features maximum clamping power, superior precision and wide variety of assembly and control options.
(Source: Erowa)

The completely overhauled Erowa UPC 2.0 chucks features a new, fresh design. They provide the basis for versatile, stable and precise clamping and machining of workpiece sizes up to 500 x 500 x 500 mm.

With 50 kN clamping power and an optional reclamping function of up to 80 kN, the UPC 2.0 chucks hold everything that needs to be held and sustained. The long distances between the support surfaces of the chucks provide the tooling system with high tilting stability. This means even large workpieces can be machined safely and efficiently.

The low profile design of the tooling system allows a great deal of space for fixtures and workpieces. Thanks to the compact design of chuck and pallet, workpiece accessibility is optimal as well. All the UPC 2.0 chucks provide assembly and control options that fit all the common machine tables. Existing UPC chucks can easily be replaced 1:1 with the new UPC 2.0 chucks.

UPC 2.0 chucks are available in various versions for (almost) every possible use. For example, the UPC 2.0 with an integrated ITS chuck guarantees the use of additional Erowa workpiece carrier sizes. This combination allows for the flexible use of the tooling system depending on the workpiece size.

The UPC tooling system can also be fully automated. The integrated seal reliably protects the UPC 2.0 chucks against the intrusion of liquid and chips. The support and centering surfaces are automatically cleaned with air, making process reliability in operation guaranteed.

Additionally, users profit from an extensive range of UPC pallets which include grid, magnetic and adapter pallets.


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