Rapid + TCT End-to-end solutions for high-definition ceramic and metal AM technology

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3D printing company XJet will bring metal to the fore of its exhibit at Rapid + TCT in Detroit from May 17th to 19th. For those curious to see the metal technology in production, the company is hosting an open house event with Azoth, XJet’s first metal customer, at its Ann Arbor facility on 16th May.

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The Chaos Ultracar ceramic piston and rod will be on display at Rapid + TCT/is the first of its kind and uses ceramic AM.
The Chaos Ultracar ceramic piston and rod will be on display at Rapid + TCT/is the first of its kind and uses ceramic AM.
(Source: XJet)

At Rapid in Detroit, XJet will showcase its ceramic and metal additive manufacturing technology. For instance, the only metal AM technology to use direct material jetting, the Carmel 1400M from XJet brings the benefits of superfine details, accuracy and smooth surfaces — sustained by soluble support material — to any part created. Also on display will be plethora of printed samples from the company’s ceramic materials — Zirconia & Alumina; the XJet Smart station as well as interactive technology experiences that promise to inspire all comers. For the first time ever, guests can also visit the installation of the company’s Direct Jetting metal system in operation at a nearby customer.

Whilst metal takes the spotlight, XJet’s ceramic solutions certainly won’t be in the shadows. The world’s first additively produced, entirely ceramic piston, developed with Spyros Panopoulos Automotive for the Chaos Ultracar, will be just one of many applications samples on display on XJet’s booth (1301). The piston complex light weight was designed using Spyros Panopoulos’ technique of ‘Andiaplasi’ — removing material where it’s not needed and reinforcing areas where it’s useful — to make the Ultracar’s 3,000 horsepower specification possible. XJet’s Nano Particle Jetting technology is the only solution who made it possible to manufacture this piston in ceramic (Alumina).

XJet will also join the Rapid + TCT conference to discuss the journey ‘From Metal Binder Jetting to Metal Material Jetting’, exploring the new production possibilities and business opportunities created by metal material jetting from a user’s perspective. The talk will be delivered by XJet CBO Dror Danai and Azoth General Manager and Co-Founder Cody Cochran at 11:00 am on Thursday 19th May as part of the show Conference.

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