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From 7 to 10 March 2023, the industrial trade fairs Intec, Z and Grindtec attract the industry for metalworking, subcontracting and toolmaking technology. Emag will also be present there, showcasing highlights from the company's broad product portfolio.

Working area of the VL 4: With twelve turning tools or optionally up to twelve powered drilling and milling tools, a wide range of machining operations can be carried out in one set-up. Optionally, the machine can also be equipped with a Y-axis.
Working area of the VL 4: With twelve turning tools or optionally up to twelve powered drilling and milling tools, a wide range of machining operations can be carried out in one set-up. Optionally, the machine can also be equipped with a Y-axis.
(Source: Emag)

During the four-day event, Grindtec presents the entire metalworking value chain in the halls of the Leipzig Trade Fair. At stand B19 in hall 3, Emag presents an overview of its technologies and capabilities. At the metal processing trade fair Intec — which takes place simultaneously in Leipzig —, the company will showcase its VL 4 vertical turning machine. This compact and versatile machine for is used for chuck parts with diameters of up to 200 mm. To minimise non-productive time, the VL 4 features an integrated automatic pick-up system that loads and unloads the work spindle from the integrated parts store. The optionally available measuring station outside the machining area performs the measurement in a time-saving manner during loading and unloading. The machine is built with great rigidity in mind. For example, the machine bed is made of Mineralit polymer concrete and ensures low-vibration, long tool life and high-quality results. Another guarantee for the best machining results is the tool turret with twelve tool stations, which is also available in a Lifetool version with powered tools.

In the machining industry, IoT (Internet of Things) and data analysis are becoming increasingly important. At Emag, IoT is also an integral part of the product portfolio. For instance, its machines can be equipped with IoT sensors and data analysis software to monitor and analyse machine performance, production data and maintenance requirements. This data can be used to optimise production processes and improve overall efficiency. For more information, please visit the booth.

Automation solutions

Emag is known for its wide range of manufacturing technologies. What is less well known is that the company has an extensive portfolio of automation solutions. With palletising and stacking solutions with integrated robots, such as the recently introduced SCS stacking cells, bin-picking automation for bulk materials, robotic cells with integrated packaging systems, gantry loaders or the TrackMotion automation system from the Modular Solutions range, Emag can score points not only with its manufacturing technologies but also with its broad experience in parts handling.


The fact that one can now rely almost entirely on in-house solutions in the field of automation and material flow brings with it some decisive advantages. Since one is no longer so dependent on external suppliers, projects can be planned more reliably. An aspect that has become increasingly important in recent years. The fact that all systems at Emag are already optimally matched to each other and thus process integration takes significantly less time is another plus point. The same applies to the CE conformity of the system network. This legally prescribed conformity procedure is significantly simplified the fewer parties or suppliers are involved. Finally, there is another advantage when the plants come from a single source: All maintenance is taken care of by Emag’s service staff. All together, this shortens the planning and construction time as well as the operation of the plants and saves money.

Grinding technology from Emag Weiss

One company that has often combined its grinding machines with these automation solutions is Emag Weiss. At the Grindtec, Emag Weiss will be presenting the W 11 CNC. Depending on the equipment, the machine is designed for workpieces with a maximum diameter of 500 mm and a length of 2,000 mm. The W 11 CNC can be used flexibly. It can be used for one-off and prototype production as well as for series production with appropriately designed automation. The grinding machine is normally hydraulics-free and has a modern grinding control system including a touch screen for entering the grinding parameters. The control system is based on a modern Eckelmann CNC control with a user interface specially designed for cylindrical grinding. Furthermore, each W 11 CNC has USB and network connections for easy programme management. Also important for grinding experts: the spindle mount has a precision bearing with a concentricity of less than 0.5 µm and a variable speed of 1 to 650 rpm as standard. The tailstock can be operated manually or pneumatically. The grinding wheel dimensions of the precision-bearing mounted wheelhead are a maximum of 500x100 mm and the drive power is 5.5 or 7.5 kW. An optional B-axis allows infinitely variable swivelling and positioning of the wheelhead. Our grinding experts are ready to answer your questions at the trade fair stand.


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