For compact mould dimensions Easy demoulding of undercuts with narrow installation space

Source: Strack Norma

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With its Z4279 mini slide, Strack Norma is responding to the requirements of mould makers to integrate more and more components into an injection mould. This is now available with an extended inclined column for simplified installation.

The new Z4279 mini slide with extended inclined column.
The new Z4279 mini slide with extended inclined column.
(Source: Strack Norma)

For cost reasons the dimensions of tools are especially reduced for small and filigree components. Strack Norma has reacted to this trend and offers a whole range of standard parts with small installation size. From now on, the mini slide unit Z4279 with a DLC coated slide carriage is available, which works in low-wear and low-maintenance mode and is particularly suited in the medicine- and cleanroom technology due to its non-lubricated components. The angle pin is supplied with a length of 400 mm and a diameter of 10 g6 and can be individually shortened according to the tool requirement.

Thus, the use of the Z4279 offers the designer a number of advantages, as it enables the demoulding of undercuts without any problems even in restricted space conditions. Thanks to the compact design of the smallest mini-slider on the market, convenient and fast incorporation into the injection mold is also possible at any time.


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