Machining Accessories Dyna Force from Big Kaiser facilitates the precise retraction force measurement of machine tool spindles

Editor: Steffen Donath

Big Kaiser presents Dyna Force, a testing device for determining the withdrawal force of machine tool spindles.

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Regular inspection ensures consistently high-quality machining results and avoids damage.
Regular inspection ensures consistently high-quality machining results and avoids damage.
(Source: Big Kaiser)

The retraction force of a machine tool spindle is critical and must be checked regularly as potential problems can cause serious damage to the machine.

Regular measurements reliably and timely indicate an inadequate holding force of the spindle clamping mechanism, which can result in reduced rigidity and unwanted vibration, loss of machining quality and poor surface finish, and unnecessarily shortened tool life. By ensuring that the target retraction force remains at the level specified in the machine tool manual, cutting performance can be reliably improved.

(Source: Big Kaiser)

"With Dyna Force, regular measurement of the retraction force is simple and precise. This reduces the risk of machine damage or poor machining quality caused by a low force on the spindle," says Christian Spicher, Head of Sales and Marketing at Big Kaiser.

The light and compact tester comes with an easy-to-read digital display and a cable in a practical storage case. Dyna Force is available for 30, 40 and 50 cones, with a standard digital display for all cone sizes. It is also fully compatible with BIG-PLUS spindles.

BIG KAISER is convinced that the smooth interaction of all components is decisive for high-quality machining results. Customers are therefore encouraged to use the company's precise inspection tools, which can reliably prevent damage and significantly improve process reliability when used regularly for the inspection of machine tools.