Biotoys Nuremberg Driving Sus-toy-nability: Toy producers discuss necessary steps to improve sustainability

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More than 110 participants from 18 countries met in Nuremberg (and online) for two days to report on success stories and developments in the realm of sustainable plastics and the toys made from them. For the first time, the political framework conditions and goals were also discussed.

The Biotoy Conference inspired the participants to find concrete solutions through the exchange of ideas and cooperation.
The Biotoy Conference inspired the participants to find concrete solutions through the exchange of ideas and cooperation.
(Source: Toys/Alfred Kirst)

The range of climate-friendly plastic solutions is growing, and toy manufacturers are getting more and more involved. At Biotoy Nurenberg, Germany, about 30 companies presented their solutions and goals for replacing fossil materials with biobased and/or recycled raw materials. About two-thirds of the presentations focused on corresponding material offers and their implementation in toys, including leading companies such as Lego and Braskem.

But the scope went further than simply discussing which sustainable materials are available or already in use — the need for certification in connection with digital, blockchain-based, traceability was brought up. There were discussions on land use, 1st vs 2nd & 3rd generation feedstocks, and whether such arguments even make sense looking at the bigger picture. After all, the biggest threat to agricultural land use is climate change itself. One fact crystalized from the discussions, good communication to end consumers is as important as it is difficult, but end consumers play a key role for the necessary market pull.

The political dimension was part of the event for the first time. After an introductory presentation by Maarit Nyman from the EU Commission DG Grow, industry representatives from the toy industry and the plastics supplying industry discussed the current status and the necessary next steps. All agreed that sustainability is not a trendy topic but must be the future foundation of both industries. While the toy industry is still very much focused on the topic of toy safety, the plastics industry has meanwhile shifted its focus very strongly to the circular economy and alternative non-fossil raw material sources. Alexander Kronimus, Managing Director for Sustainability at Plastics Europe Germany, was very pleased with the great interest shown by the toy industry and extended an invitation for joint talks welcoming representatives of both industries, associations, academics, and policymakers to work together to formulate the most pressing needs of the industry as well as potential approaches on how to satisfy them. Cooperation is the key — a core message from the podium and the audience. “Safety and sustainability are two sides of the same coin”, was also said, and further: “Sustainability creates the preconditions for children's safety and will be decisive for their quality of life”.

The presentations by company owners put their motivation in a nutshell. Both Ulrich Betzold from the full-range retailer Betzold that started its own production and Filippo Gallizia from toy manufacturer Geomag had recently made far-reaching decisions to significantly convert the companies and the toy range to sustainable materials. One credo was, “we have to offer solutions to our customers now, we can't wait for the holy grail”. But the discussions did not shy away from tough realities such as material prices, “consumers are willing to pay ‘some’ of the extra costs (10 percent to be exact, according to Betzold). We have to absorb the additional costs to a large extent, and for a while, we will need to get used to the idea that we shouldn’t aim to make more profit with these new products”.


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