War in Ukraine DMG Mori stops all business activities in Russia

Source: Press release

Germany/Russia — At their meeting on 14 March, the Supervisory Board and Executive Board of DMG Mori strongly condemned the Russian government's war against Ukraine. As a reaction all business activities in Russia have been suspended.

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DMG Mori decided to suspend all business in Russia.
DMG Mori decided to suspend all business in Russia.
(Source: DMG Mori)

Machine manufacturer DMG Mori has stopped all business activities in Russia and announced an immediate aid package for Ukraine. The company has stopped all sales and service activities in Russia as well as the production in Ulyanovsk. This also includes all deliveries of machines, spare parts, components and services to Russia.

A total of around 200 employees from the modern manufacturing and assembly plant in Ulyanovsk as well as from the three sales and service companies in Moscow, Ulyanovsk and Yekaterinburg are affected. DMG Mori has no employees in Ukraine.

“As Global One Company, DMG Mori has donated to the people in Ukraine and to refugees. We are supporting non-profit organizations with a targeted aid package in this humanitarian emergency. Our thoughts are with the people in Ukraine as well as with our Russian employees and our customers. We wish for peace and a quick ending of this war,” the Executive Board announced.

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