Günther Heisskanaltechnik Direct side gating in compact, multi-cavity moulds

Author / Editor: Barbara Schulz / Barbara Schulz

Germany - Günther Heisskanaltechnik presented its Okta Flow multi-tip nozzle for side gating at the recent K-Show in Düsseldorf. According to the company, there are said to be a variety of unique selling points setting it apart from the competition.

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The Okta Flow type OMT multi-tip hot-runner nozzle is designed for direct side gating of products in compact, multi-cavity moulds.
The Okta Flow type OMT multi-tip hot-runner nozzle is designed for direct side gating of products in compact, multi-cavity moulds.
(Source: Günther)

You sometimes have to dare thinking outside the box,” Günther Managing Director Siegrid Sommer said in a recent interview with ETMM, referring to the company’s innovative products and lean manufacturing setup. Günther manufactures all hot runners at its headquarters in Frankenberg and distinguishes itself with a very high degree of vertical integration. Around 220 staff including 19 apprentices are working as a team to make the company what it is today: a globally competitive manufacturer of complex hot runner systems.

Talking about Günther's range of hot runner systems and interesting history, Sommer emphasised that the company's success is not only based on the development of hot runner systems that serve the injection moulding industry through an optimum temperature distribution and control, but also by focussing on the tool and mould maker, who needs to ensure the optimum integration of the hot runner system into the mould. According to Sommer, the two-part shaft, which consists of a titanium alloy with low thermal conductivity in the front area and an integrated air gap, assures effective insulation and, accordingly, a low loss of heat from the hot runner nozzle to the mould. The temperature distribution throughout the nozzle is therefore very homogeneous.


Tool and mould makers benefits from modular two-part shaft system

Moreover, the tool and mould maker benefits from the modular two-part shaft system, Sommer explained. While the mould maker normally has to work with very tight tolerances when manufacturing the mould to fit the hot runner nozzles, the shaft around the nozzle in Günther's solution features a greater diameter and only needs the mould maker to cut a through-hole with a H7 tolerance. Furthermore, the modular system also allows for easy integration of the valve gate technology into the system. According to Günther, the needle guidance inside the nozzle promises an economical and virtually wear-free operation. During the needle’s closing movement, it is first centred by means of a conical guide until it is lowered completely and precisely into the cylindrical sealing. When necessary, the needle guidance can be replaced without much effort. The Günther sealing element in the manifold is said to assure optimum needle guidance and reliability in the manufacturing process. The valve-gate needle in multi-point valve gating systems can be driven by means of single-needle valves, step motors, a lifting mechanism or a sliding-cam mechanism. These various types of drives enable Günther to offer a suitable solution for every customer requirement, Sommer emphasised.

Of course, Günther showcased its innovative Blue Flow technology with the slim, efficient thick-film heating for hot-runner nozzles at K 2016, but the focus was on the company's new Octa Flow multi-tip hot runner nozzle. The Okta Flow type OMT multi-tip hot-runner nozzle was designed for the direct side gating of products in compact, multi-cavity moulds. According to Günther, this nozzle type allows for a cost-effective mould design with undivided inserts. The company optionally offers nozzle tips with protection against wear while processing filled materials. The nozzle is available as either a radial or a linear version and can be used as a single nozzle if it has a heated adapter.

Product features include:

  • side gating without cold slug,
  • pitch circle diameters: PC Ø 45mm, PC Ø 65 mm,
  • tips individually replaceable on the machine,
  • up to eight nozzle tips,
  • optimum temperature management,
  • heated tip area,
  • floating bearings independent of heat expansion,
  • undivided inserts

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