Meeting place for plastics industry Digitalisation and sustainability in the spotlight at Fakuma 2023

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The 28th Fakuma international trade fair will be opening its doors in Friedrichshafen, Germany, from 17 to 21 October 2023. The trade fair highlight for injection moulding, extrusion technology, thermoforming and 3D printing will focus on several future-oriented topics.

Fakuma 2023 is once again expecting more than 40 percent of its exhibitors from outside of Germany.
Fakuma 2023 is once again expecting more than 40 percent of its exhibitors from outside of Germany.
(Source: Schall)

For manufacturers and users of plastic products, the focus has shifted to ecologically compatible production and processing. At the top of the list are high-quality, durable high-tech plastic solutions that are indispensable in a wide range of industries, including energy technology, mobility, construction and technical components, as well as the consumer and furnishing sectors. Fakuma will demonstrate that the highly complex subject of plastics can be integrated into climate protection and the recycling economy,.

The show will serve as a showcase for advanced machinery, new materials and business models that emphasise resource conservation and environmental sustainability. Digitalisation and automation will also be key themes as they can support efficient resource use in plastics production, processing and recycling. Industry experts will gather to discuss these key issues and explore forward-looking solutions.

Important impetus for many areas

The plastics industry is facing a number of major challenges. These include the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions as a manufacturing and processing company, reducing energy consumption and improving processes. At the same time, the transformation to a circular economy must be realised in all its facets. Digitalisation and automation will bring about significant transformation processes, but they will act as positive drivers: they will support the efficient use of all resources in the production, processing, application and reuse or recycling of plastics. AI-based solutions will also play an increasingly important role. “Fakuma 2023 will provide important and good impulses at many points in order to positively advance thinking and action in functioning cycles,” says Bettina Schall, Managing Director of trade fair promoter P. E. Schall. “The practice-oriented trade fair format in a familiar working atmosphere is the appropriate framework for professional discussions, factual information and the demonstration of implementable solutions for a circular economy”.

The current challenging environment in terms of pricing, supply chains and skills shortages will also be on everyone's agenda.

Visiting the show pays off

“The technologies presented at Fakuma are ready for series production. Visitors to the show know this,” says Markus Hanetseder, Vice President of Product Management, Marketing and Communications at Engel. “For them, the trip to Friedrichshafen pays off very quickly,” says Hanetseder. He emphasises that Fakuma's high level of innovation and dynamism are the basis for a world-class trade fair audience. As a result, trade visitors to this year's event on Lake Constance will experience groundbreaking, future-oriented solutions.

“The Fakuma is internationally recognised as a business platform for innovations along the entire value chain,” says Bettina Schall. “We cordially invite all industry players to visit Fakuma 2023 in Friedrichshafen. It's the ideal platform for discovering new products and technological solutions, as well as for personal and professional dialogue on current and future challenges,” says the trade fair promoter's Managing Director. With its practical format and informal atmosphere, Fakuma 2023 will be an important milestone for finding solutions to the demanding tasks currently facing the industry.

Round table discussion

Fakuma 2023 will also feature a new event format — a round table discussion on the subject of “Plastics — a valuable material instead of a problem material!” The focus will be on the value of plastics and their special significance for everyone. At the same time, the problematic aspects will be discussed and ways to overcome the complex challenges will be explored. Well-known representatives from industry, research and politics will gather at the round table to provide food for thought and promote education about plastics:

Achim Haid, Department of Environmental Services, Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Energy Baden-Württemberg; Prof. Dr. Martin Bastian, President Zuse Association and Member of the Board SKZ Würzburg; Prof. Dr. h.c. Werner Koch, Managing Partner Werner Koch Maschinentechnik; Ingemar Bühler, Managing Director Plastics Europe; Lothar Zapf, Centre for Food and Packaging Technology. The panel discussion will be chaired by Dipl.-Ing. Markus Lüling on 17.10.2023 from 4.30 p.m. in the Conference Centre West, Room Switzerland, Messe Friedrichshafen. (ast)

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