China Die and mould industry meets in China

Editor: Rosemarie Stahl

The Chinese die and mould industry will meet in June at Die & Mould China. The industry, which was once known for its cheap and low quality products, has come a long way and able to compete on a global scale.

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DMC 2018 (Die & Mould China) will be held from 5 to 9 June 2018 in Shanghai.
DMC 2018 (Die & Mould China) will be held from 5 to 9 June 2018 in Shanghai.
(Source: Shanghai International Exhibition)

Thirty years of development of China’s die and mould industry have made China an important die and mould manufacturing and consumption power in the world. Currently, China’s die and mould industry is in a critical period of quality improvement, efficiency increase and steady progress.

The consumption value of die and mould in China is 230 billion Yuan. For 10 consecutive years, the die and mould import is about 2.0~2.5 billion dollars. The total import amount accounts for less than 10% of China’s die and mould consumption. China’s die and mould enterprises are all well-equipped, and the die and mould manufacturing ecosystem is healthy, which has a significant function of benefit amplifier for the downstream product manufacturing industry.

With such a background, the “DMC 2018 China International Exhibition on Die & Mould Technology and Equipment and 2018 Shanghai International Automotive Moulding and Forming Technology Expo” co-organised by China Die and Mould Industry Association (CDMIA) and Shanghai International Exhibition, will be grandly held in Hall 2H/3H/4.1H of National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai · Hongqiao) on June 5-9, 2018.

With the theme of “gathering the refined manufacturing integrated technologies, and exhibiting the integrated forming collaborative manufacturing to promote the quality improvement and efficiency increase”, DMC 2018 will showcase a high-quality development and innovation environment, drive the D&M enterprises to improve and make integrative development with the user industries, promote the linkage between the international and domestic market, and achieve deep and thorough business in the field of international cooperation.

Automotive Moulding and Forming Technology

2018 Shanghai International Automotive Moulding and Forming Technology Expo concurrently launched in DMC 2018, will add new contents for the DMC Exhibition by utilising many years of resources in the international automotive and auto parts industry. This concept is aimed at setting up a richer exchange platform in a new hall, and expand the contents of forming equipment and technology based on the sector of Automotive D&M. The International Automotive Moulding and Forming Technology Expo is launched to fully exhibit the highest level of China’s automotive moulding and forming technology equipment.

The exhibition area of DMC 2018 will reach 100,000 square metres, and it is estimated that more than one thousand exhibitors from nearly 20 countries and regions including Switzerland, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Italy, and France will exhibit here. DMC 2018 will continue centering on the industry demands, actively organising enterprises to exhibit their most competitive products, and striving to build a platform, which intensively exhibits the “lean manufacturing equipment and automation and intelligent manufacturing technology” and “integrated forming and precision D&M manufacturing”.

In China, the Exhibition has obtained the response from local government and die and mould clusters in each region. The local die and mould associations and industry organisations in and out of China will actively participate in the Exhibition. Nearly thirty exhibition groups from the Yangtze River Delta Region, Pearl River Delta Region, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, and Midwest Region will take part in the DMC 2018.

More space and more time: Leading the development of the die & mould industry

The National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) owns 500,000 square meters of exhibition space and is one of the world’s largest exhibition complexes at present. The National Exhibition and Convention Center, adjacent to the Hongqiao Transportation Hub, has convenient transport facilities and surrounding supporting facilities.

The DMC 2018 organisers have taken the exhibition demands of visitors into consideration, and have adjusted the exhibit layout, in order to bring more convenience and better experience to the visitors:

The layout will be as follows:

Hall 3H:

Japanese, European and American precision processing manufacturing, automation technology, control and measurement technology, smart manufacturing and research, full-process integrated solutions for equipment and tools, precision parts and D&M materials;

Hall 2H:

EDM and electrical process machine tools, automation and equipment, additive manufacturing technology, die & mould steel and die & mould materials, Internet +CAD/CAM/CAE integration and information management technology, tools;

Hall 4.1H:

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Various die and mould and material forming technology, plastic machinery, and punching machines; integrated solutions for moulding, inspection and fixture; automotive/aerospace lightweight forming technology; electronic, and household appliance die and mould;

Moreover, the exhibition period is extended to 5 days, to create the first-tier industry platform and provide more value-added services. To fully satisfy the procurement demands from the exhibitors and visitors, and to provide more value-added services for the exhibitors, the DMC 2018 organisers extend the exhibition period from 4 days to 5 days, in order to create a larger exchange platform for the exhibitors and the visitors, and furthest increase the business value of the exhibition.

Promotion of enterprises to go international

The China die and mould sector is a great driving force of the international mould market and supply. The moulds have been exported to 201 countries and regions. According to the customs statistics, in 2017, the total mould export volume in China was 5.248 billion dollars, with a year-on-year growth at 10.96%.

Currently, the Chinese die and mould market has one of the top positions in the world. It is the mould manufacturing base with the highest price/performance ratio in the international die and mould sector. Faced with the international open market in huge-scale and unlimited potential, the DMC organizers are devoted to having a global perspective, seizing the opportunities, expanding international co-operations, actively boosting China’s die and mould industry towards the international stage, and re-building China’s status in the global die and mould industry by internationalising enterprises and business.

Conferences and Forums are part of the programme of DMC 2018.
Conferences and Forums are part of the programme of DMC 2018.
(Source: Shanghai International Exhibition)

Some examples of international co-operations:

Introducing the German D&M Benchmarking Analysis

In 2017, CDMIA co-operated with the Fraunhofer Insitute and Tooling Academy Aachen (WBA), one of the largest applied science research institutes in Europe. The aim was to share the development of the German companies implementing Industry 4.0 and its benchmarking. The Chinese die and mould enterprises were supported to improve their manufacturing capability and mould quality, and to improve their international market participation capability and international resource cooperation capability through improving quality and reducing cost on the precision manufacturing, the manufacturing system and collaboration, and the customer serving system and capability.

At the exhibition, WBA will demonstrate the overall evaluation on enterprises implementing German Benchmarking.

2018 Die & Mould Industry International Cooperation and Innovative Development Conference

Mould is the carrier of innovation, and it is the indispensable equipment of technology assurance for converting the innovation into the product control type and control performance. China has a very strong complementarity with the major mould manufacturing countries in the world. As the halfway activity of the CDMIA Council on the day before the opening ceremony, the Conference will center on the two major themes “international” and “innovation” to discuss, how Chinese die and mould can further progress through international co-operation.

“Belt and Road” International Die & Mould Industry Forum

(June, 5): Under the background of “Belt and Road”, the representatives of die & mould industry from each country are invited to participate in the development of international die & mould industry on 5 June. They can promote the co-operation and development of the international die & mould industry, and jointly boost the technological progress and industrial cooperation of the die and mould technologies in the Belt and Road countries.

16th ISTMA World Congress 2020

The China Die and Mould Industry Association, one of the organizers of DMC China International Die & Mould Exhibition, and a member of the International Special Tooling and Machining Association (ISTMA), will undertake the 16th ISTMA World Congress 2020, and will start preparing the Congress in 2018. The President of ISTMA World and the leaders of related national associations will also visit DMC 2018 for field exchange and investigation.