Vero Software Developments in CAD/CAM functionality

Editor: Rosemarie Stahl

The latest release of Visi by Vero Software includes new features, that - according to the company - give users additional speed and quality throughout their design and machining processes.

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Vero Group technology is creating a new profiling strategy for 2D milling.
Vero Group technology is creating a new profiling strategy for 2D milling.
(Source: Vero)

Visi Brand Manager Massimo Vergerio says, that CAD updates in Visi 2017 R1 are focusing on the user experience and adding enhancements to allow customers to speed up their design process. Examples of these include:

  • Speed improvement to the picking process with support for dynamic ‘drag & drop’.
  • Dynamic zoom to and from an area on the screen by holding down the space bar. This can be used to zoom in on a particular aspect of a large component on screen.
  • Intelligent chaining for joining wireframe elements together.
  • Single right hand mouse click to confirm commands, instead of ticking a box with a keystroke.
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And for CAM, an update to geometry management means individual pieces are no longer limited by a specific project: “It gives greater freedom in picking the piece, obstacle or stock, allowing any combination. This is also used for picking faces and face lists, all managed in a much more user-friendly interface, and driven inside the operation itself. Everything is now linked to the operation, not the project, and all geometry is managed interactively, picking the specific pieces or faces that we want to machine,” Massimo Vergerio says.

CAD Updates

According to Vero, several auto ballooning enhancements have been made within the Assembly Manager, providing additional control when adding BOM ballooning within the plotview. These include automatic positioning using multiple axis and removal of duplicated balloons, providing clearer results.

The creation of manufacturing drawing data has been improved by the addition of a number of additional view property settings, the company says. To simplify the creation of cut away views of complex geometry “outbreak section depths” can be automatically measured and edited by on screen selection.

Model properties can be set during the Modelling process. Visi Product Support Manager John Cockerill says: “Any model manufacturing and purchasing data can be added and controlled by simply selecting the model geometry from the working environment. Added data is automatically inserted into the Assembly Manager interface, providing a more interactive method of controlling modelling data.”

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