K 2019 / Simpatec Designing and simulating for injection moulding

Editor: Steffen Donath

At Simpatec's booth, visitors will learn all about the latest version R17 of Moldex3D, a software product for designing and optimising the injection moulding process.

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Faster and more accurate insights thanks to a uniform platform.
Faster and more accurate insights thanks to a uniform platform.
(Source: Simpatec)

The completely new user interface and the unified simulation workflow allow users to gain deeper insights into product performance a lot faster and thus accelerating the decision-making process, according to the company. In addition, to tackling the ever-growing demand for lightweight components in the automotive and aerospace sectors, Moldex3D R17 offers improvements in composites simulation solutions to meet various manufacturing needs.

Moldex3D R17 Studio seamlessly integrates all simulation processes on a single, unified platform, and greatly enhances the way users can view and interact with a model. For example, users can now use measurement and scale tools in Studio to directly measure shrinkage values and make instant design changes to compensate for shrinkage.

Simulation plays a major role in helping manufacturers easily crossover to lightweight materials and manufacturing processes. Composite components that deal with high concentration of fibers and demand high accuracy will greatly benefit from this novel coupling method. Moldex3D fiber orientation analysis with R17 now supports a new filler type — flat fibers to enable greater design freedom and help achieve better mechanical properties and improved dimensional stability.

In terms of “Smart Engineering/Smart Processing — Intelligent product, process and tool development”, Simpatec will present manufacturability analysis, verification and optimisation of components taking into account all aspects of the manufacturing process and the manufacturing process tool concept in hall 14/booth C32.

The focus will be set on all Cax products of the Simpatec product portfolio. Amongst others, the following will be shown:

  • Digimat, a material modeling technology that accelerates development processes for plastics, composites, and structures.
  • With the help of T-Sim the complex manufacturing process of thermoforming can be visualised, analysed and optimised.
  • The production of hollow bodies made of thermoplastic materials, the blow moulding process can be imaged and optimised with B-Sim.