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Advantech is holding the first 2020 Service-IoT (‘SIoT’) World Partner Conference at Linkou IoT Campus. Focusing on the theme of ‘Accelerating Smart City Transformation and Unlocking Business Value’.

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What makes up the core of a smart city and how can everything be connected?
What makes up the core of a smart city and how can everything be connected?
(Source: JC Gellidon (Unsplash))

Advantech constructed the Smart Service Solution Franchise Ecosystem to incorporate Service IoT in smart city solutions. There are over 300 customers and partners from 40 countries around the world participating in this conference, and more than 40 booths showcasing the latest Smart City IoT solutions, including 28 solutions co-created by Advantech and its co-creation partners.

According to MC Chiang, Vice President of Service IoT Group, “Advantech, benefits from the foundation and strength of the software and hardware developed for Industrial IoT, Embedded IoT, and Service IoT groups. Advantech’s Wise-Paas 4.0 architecture is the best platform for developing, promoting, and realising solutions for IoT. Therefore, looking forward, Advantech will strategically focus on growing the Service IoT industry ecosystem and Smart Service Solution Franchise Ecosystem for vertical markets such as retail, hospitality, logistics, healthcare, and the smart city.”

The company's visions is as follows:

Building a Smart Service Solution Franchise Ecosystem

  • Develop smart service IoT: Use the Wise-Paas IoT cloud platform as the core and provide software and hardware integration solutions to co-create SRP IoT solutions. Then actively pursue vertical cloud service market integration in retail, hospitality, logistics, healthcare, and the smart city.
  • Provide vertical industry solutions with DFSI Solution Franchise Program: Promote in-depth co-creation solutions across a variety of vertical industries through joint ventures or direct investment.
  • Create new DFSI (Domain Focused System Integrator) for healthcare, retail, and logistics: In 2020, Advantech will create two new DFSI in Taiwan to focus on the development of solutions in healthcare, retail, and logistics.

Decoupling, reconstructing, and co-creation of smart service IoT solutions

  • Deconstructing the fundamental platform structure and service procedure: Target vertical industries of retail, logistics, healthcare, smart city, and hospitality. Combine the latest technology trends to deconstruct the fundamental platform structure of SIoT and generate big data to achieve the first level of digital transformation.
  • Restructure industrial development with industrial apps and shared APIs: Allow various Industrial apps (I.App) within the Wise-Paas platform to communicate and be shared with Industrial Software Developers to assist co-development of IoT solutions for vertical industries, thereby accelerating overall industrial development and advancement.
  • Co-create a Service-IoT industrial ecosystem: Provide cloud platforms and solutions for SIoT. Advantech will share resources with cloud service providers, Industrial app developers, and end device users — co-creating a SIoT value chain and complete industrial ecosystem.

To fully implement all these strategies, the conference will demonstrate end-to-cloud and smart city SIoT solutions across a variety of industries and focus on growth in keys areas like smart edge computing, domain-focused solution Industrial apps (Service-IoT I.App), Wise-Paas/Device-On IoT central device management, industrial AI and SIoT cloud platforms, indoor/outdoor self-service systems, and smart street lighting applications.

MC Chiang concluded by saying that, “Advantech’s Service-IoT Business Group will build the Service-IoT industrial partner ecosystem with sustainable growth that drives the AI and Service-IoT sectors. The goal is to be the global leader in the Service-IoT platform market.”

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