3D printing Decentral manufacturing startup Replique emerges with strong backing from BASF and STS Ventures

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The digital manufacturing startup Replique spins off from Chemovator, the business incubator of BASF, and successfully closes a late seed round to further build its business. Replique provides the first fully encrypted 3D printing platform that makes spare part management and the production of small series more sustainable.

From left to right: Oliver Kaul from STS Ventures, Max Siebert and Henrike Wonneberger from Replique, Markus Bold from Chemovator
From left to right: Oliver Kaul from STS Ventures, Max Siebert and Henrike Wonneberger from Replique, Markus Bold from Chemovator
(Source: Replique)

Replique, the groundbreaking startup specializing in decentral manufacturing and digital inventory solutions, has officially spun off from the prestigious BASF incubator. With its innovative secure digital platform catering to the OEM market, Replique is revolutionising the production and distribution of on-demand industrial parts.

STS Ventures led the funding round as experienced early-stage investor. However, with their managing partner Stephan Schubert — former founder and managing director of Onvista until its spin-off in 2007 — STS Ventures also brings valuable entrepreneurial mindset and experience to the table and will be a great support for Replique's path to a strong profitable business.

“We see a lot of startups with promising ideas, but Replique stood out to us as a game-changer in the manufacturing industry. Their innovative industrial 3D printing platform has the potential to disrupt the industry and we are excited to support their growth and expansion in the future. Besides the right solution, Replique also brings the right mindset and an excellent team to the table”, says Oliver Kaul, partner at STS Ventures.

Angel investors Chameleon and R3 Consulting & Investment round up the late seed funding, with great experience in machinery and data business. “We're thrilled to have successfully spun off from Chemovator and to have secured ourselves the support of such prominent investors, who have a strong experience in scaling start-ups and bring the strategic expertise to internationalize our business in an efficient way”, says Dr. Henrike Wonneberger, co-founder of Replique.

Replique is already the fifth startup to spin-off from Chemovator. Despite becoming an independent company, Replique maintains a close relationship with BASF as a customer as well as its subsidiary BASF 3D Printing Solutions, one of Replique’s trusted material partners, and the whole BASF network.

The team around co-founders Dr. Henrike Wonneberger and Dr. Max Siebert offers an industrial 3D printing platform that enables OEMs to store parts digitally. Those parts are provided on demand to customers via a network of more than 80 trusted and certified print farms around the globe.

The platform is easily integrable into existing business landscapes such as ERP systems and webshops. This enables B2B businesses such as Alstom to leverage 3D printing in a smooth seamless supply chain process and B2C businesses like Miele and Siena Garden to offer 3D-printed parts to their customers. Max Siebert, co-founder of Replique comments: “Our platform is designed to bring part management into the 21st century, and our approach has already proven its worth. We're excited to build on this momentum with the support of our new investors and partners.”

The company is now focused on expanding its reach and acquiring new customers in various industries. With the proceeds, the startup plans to enhance the platform's development with new features, as well as invest in human resources.


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