Southern Manufacturing 2023 Cutting tools: How mould makers can boost productivity

Source: ITC

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At the 2023 Southern Manufacturing show on stand H250, Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) will be introducing a host of product lines from its cutting tool portfolio. From the 7th to 9th of February at the Farnborough International Exhibition Centre, the UK manufacturer will demonstrate its latest innovations and inviting show visitors to buy manufactured cutting tools.

Widia TDMX now available from ITC.
Widia TDMX now available from ITC.
(Source: ITC)

At Farnborough, ITC engineers will be on-hand to discuss the latest product lines that can boost productivity for manufacturers. Alongside the UK manufactured ITC standard and special product lines that are available on short lead times, the company will also present the most recent technologies available from Widia and Big Kaiser.

One ITC product on show will be the 6054 Series of end mill developed specifically for the machining of steel and exotic material types. The geometry of the 6054 Series has a centre-cutting geometry with harmonic fluting to maximise material removal rates and swarf evacuation whilst minimising vibration to enhance surface finishes and tool life. This performance is further enhanced with a shallow chip gullet that guarantees exceptional core strength for high material removal rates and stability. Complementing this is the polished harmonic flutes, Cupro coating and chip breaker that evacuates swarf at an extraordinary rate.


The 6-flute series 6054 Series is available with diameter options of 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 and 20 mm with a length of cut from 18 mm on the 6 mm diameter tool through to 60 mm on the 20 mm diameter end mills. Complementing the UK manufactured ITC product lines will be products from the Widia range. ITC will present the latest M1600 face mill series. Suitable for roughing to semi-finishing operations in steel, stainless steel, cast iron and nodular iron materials, this series has 16-cutting edges and a smart insert design that performs exceptionally well under various machining conditions including low-power machines, unstable, non-rigid setups, long overhangs and weak fixture conditions.

The 16-edged, precision-ground insert with a positive geometry enables low cutting forces and low power consumption resulting in higher tool life and an excellent cost per edge. The M1600 has one universal insert geometry in three versatile grades: WP35CM, WK15CM and WU20PM. Alongside the M1600 will be the impressive M8065HD milling system for machining steel and cast-iron materials. Designed with eight cutting edges and extra-wide chip gashes, the new M8065HD can achieve deep depths of cuts while producing high metal removal rates during face and shoulder milling applications.

Adding to ITC’s drilling line at Southern Manufacturing will be the expanded range of indexable inserts added to the Widia Top Drill TDMX modular drilling line. The Widia TDMX Modular X drilling line is the ultimate choice for demanding drilling applications and the new MS geometry delivers stable modular drilling for general engineering and energy applications on steel and stainless steel.

From the Big Kaiser stable, ITC will showcase the expanded line-up of Smart Damper-equipped, arbour-style face mill holders that support face mills with diameters of 80 mm or 100 mm with an arbour pilot diameter of 27 mm. The Model SDF57 assembly has an outside diameter of 71.8 mm and allows users of 75 mm face mills to access up to 500 mm of reach, the longest tool assembly in the industry using standard components. Also from BIG KAISER will be the Mega Synchro Tapping Chuck. The tapping chuck has a special function built-in to compensate for synchronisation errors that may occur during rigid tapping.


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