Rapid tooling and AM Customised metamaterial helmet offers perfect protection and comfort

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With news from the field of rapid tooling and additive manufacturing technologies, as well as an exciting special show, Cirp from Heimsheim, Germany, will once again be present at the Innonet joint stand no. 1D21 at Moulding Expo 2023. One of many highlights at the fair is a brightly coloured helmet.

The innovative helmet is custom printed based on individual scan data.
The innovative helmet is custom printed based on individual scan data.
(Source: Cirp)

The Moammm helmet from Cirp is custom printed based on individual scan data. Thus, it offers not only optimal protection, but also perfect comfort. It was developed as part of the EU-funded research project Moammm, in which 3D-printed lattice structures are optimised with the help of multiscale simulation methods.

The focus is on developing structures that offer better protection against impacts. In order to subject the complex calculation models and theoretical principles to a reality check, a bicycle helmet was designed as a demonstrator.


The comparison of calculation models with real crash test data to verify the simulations is very important. Correct simulations should contribute to a better understanding of the complex structures and serve as an important decision-making aid for optimising the metamaterial structures. Due to the geometric freedom, the SLS (selective laser sintering) process was used for this application.

SLS is particularly interesting for lattice structures, as the design freedom of additive manufacturing is exploited to the maximum here in order to produce mechanically optimised structures uncomplicated and without tools.


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