Filtration technology Coolant filtration as a value-adding factor

Source: Vomat Reading Time: 1 min

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At the Grindtec 2023, the filtration specialist Vomat from Treuen showed solutions on how tool manufacturers can realise high quality and economic efficiency with optimally filtered coolants.

Vomat demonstrated high-performance ultrafine filtration technology during Grindtec.
Vomat demonstrated high-performance ultrafine filtration technology during Grindtec.
(Source: Vomat)

In tool grinding, coolants are on the one hand a cost factor and on the other hand an important quality-determining parameter, and the longer the cleaned coolant can remain in the system, the less coolant it requires, storage and recycling costs are reduced, and the grinding wheels also do not have to be changed or dressed as often.

Steffen Strobel, technical sales manager at Vomat, says: “Vomat FA filtration systems are ideal for filtration of ultra-fine particles from grinding oils. Important features include full-flow filtration with 100 percent separation of dirty and clean oil, on-demand filtration and backwashing of the high-performance precoat filters, and high-precision temperature accuracy.”

On the standard platform of the FA machine series, individually tailored concepts — from small-scale systems to industrial central filtration solutions — can be configured thanks to a wide range of optional add-on modules.


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