Kaeser Kompressoren / AMB Compressed air to serve needs in the metalworking industry

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Compressed air is an essential energy source for all sectors in the metalworking industry. Kaeser Kompressoren says it offers efficient, reliable and cost-effective solutions for shops of all sizes.

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Kaeser’s ASD series rotary screw compressor features a synchronous reluctance drive system from Siemens.
Kaeser’s ASD series rotary screw compressor features a synchronous reluctance drive system from Siemens.
(Source: Kaeser)

Kaeser Kopmressoren's ASD series of variable-speed compressors, which feature synchronous, reluctance motor technology, tops its innovations list.

According to Kaeser, the ASD series with the company's motor technology produces lower energy losses in the partial-load range compared to asynchronous motors. Thanks to its Sigma Profile drive concept, the ASD series of rotary screw compressors offer air flow volumes ranging from 3.15 to 5.5 m³/min, delivering performance and reliability combined with its energy efficiency and space-saving design. All this with its new drive technology enable this series to have an efficiency gain of up to 10% in the partial-load range, making the ASD variable-speed compressors energy efficient, while keeping operating costs minimal, Kaeser adds.


The company's next generation of rotary screw compressors in the DSD series feature air flow volumes between 14 to 25 m³/min. Other improvements as well its IE4 motors and completely redesigned airends, which feature Sigma Profile technology, increase the performance by up to 9% compared to previous models, while offering increased air flow volumes of up to 6%. This is said to translate into energy cost savings, thereby keeping to Kaeser’s commitment: “More compressed air for less energy”.

The Sigma Air Manager 4.0 (SAM 4.0) is an all-rounder that cuts energy costs and assures reliability, safety and efficiency for compressed air supply, Kaeser notes. A controller for all compressed air production and preparation equipment, SAM 4.0 is said to optimise pressure performance. It automatically adjusts the compressor station air delivery to accommodate fluctuations, optimises energy efficiency as well as provides compressed air station compatibility for future services, such as predictive maintenance.

At AMB, the company will be in Hall 1, (Gallery), Booth Z160.

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