Kistler/ Control Comprehensive testing technology with performance capacity and compliance

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The Kistler Group will showcase its portfolio of industrial testing and inspection systems at Control, spotlighting latest innovations. Among them are automated testing and sorting systems, force and torque sensors as well as fastening technology and a digital charge amplifier.

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The digital industrial charge amplifier (Type 5074A), Kistler says, is the only amplifier for quasi-static measurement processes with piezoelectric sensors on real time-capable industrial Ethernet.
The digital industrial charge amplifier (Type 5074A), Kistler says, is the only amplifier for quasi-static measurement processes with piezoelectric sensors on real time-capable industrial Ethernet.
(Source: Kistler)

Customers are constantly looking for faster and more effective testing and Kistler says it continually develops new custom-made software modules, which ensure easier handling and more transparent test processes. Inspectpro, a mobile inspection system, is said to fulfill requirements for efficient, standard-compliant quality assurance of threaded joints as well as fastening tools and systems. The portable measurement and evaluation instrument offers a convenient way to test torque and rotation angles on threaded joints. This system provides graphic analyses of assembly processes to ensure fastener assemblies meet optimum quality standards, the company notes.


Another mobile inspection system on show, Combitest, features dual capabilities. It combines the calibration of manual torque wrenches with the testing of automated fastening systems. Combitest benefits all tools on an assembly line, which can be tested directly in situ to guarantee their process capabilities, Kistler explains.

The company's piezoelectric sensors have a rugged design and they keep precise track of quasi-static and dynamic force processes, even in difficult production conditions. Kistler says the advantages they offer are proportionality, low measuring deflections and long service lifetimes. These sensors can also measure very small forces. A portfolio of sensors including miniaturised versions for very small installation space will be presented.

World's first digital charge amplifier to premiere at Control

According to Kistler, the world's first digital charge amplifier, which enables the connection of any piezoelectric sensors to the control directly via Ethernet (using Profinet, Ether-Cat or Ethernet-IP), will make its debut at Control. With analogue disturbance variables excluded, users benefit from enhanced data consistency and transparency, in line with Industry 4.0 requirements. Moreover, the digital charge amplifier offers numerous measuring functions on four individually controllable channels, with up to 10,000 bus cycles per second and 50,000 measured values per channel. Further, this innovation is well-suited for high-precision, time-critical control applications.

Germany-based Vester Elektronik, now belonging to the Kistler Group, will also be at the show their own booth (Hall 6, Booth 6413). Vester will present three automatic testing and sorting machines for use in punching and forming processes as well as testing individual series parts. Additionally, high-performance image processing systems that enable users to perform fully automated dimensional and surface tests with gauging and hardness tests as additional options will also be showcased. The company says that digital camera technology is deployed for this purpose to ensure 100% testing of mass-produced parts with very high throughput rates. The Smart Ray 3D laser triangulation sensor for use in testing processes for automated glass plate plants will also be exhibited. According to Vester, this innovation makes it possible to measure height profiles as well as geometric and positional tolerances on the test objects, such as flatness, which could not be visualised until now.

At Control, Kistler will be in Hall 7, Booth 7313.

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