Automation Compact slide for two component moulds

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Strack Norma has launched a novelty in the field of overmouldings: with the slide Z42900 undercuts in two-component moulds (2K) are demoulded in one process in order to even better respond to individual applications in the injection moulding.

With the slide Z42900, undercuts in two-component moulds can be demoulded in one process.
With the slide Z42900, undercuts in two-component moulds can be demoulded in one process.
(Source: Strack Norma)

2K injection moulding is a process in which two materials or components are combined with each other in one tool. This application requires that several material properties, for example hard and soft plastics can be combined with each other in an identical manufacturing process. This combination leads to stable processes and the elimination of rework or assembly of the two components.

Even with 2K injection moulded parts there are undercuts which have to be released. The newly developed slide Z42900 is dealing with this problem, as it consists of a set with two pressure pieces and two slides with attachment for customisation. These adaptable slide inserts are available in the materials 1.2767 and 1.2343.

The first slide, which releases an undercut in 2K injection moulded parts, is brought in the front position (without retraction element). The second slide remains in the front position after opening the mould.

After the mould has rotated and has been closed again, the second pressure piece (with retraction clamps) holds the slide in position for injecting of the second component. After the injection cycle, the pressure piece pulls the slide back into its initial position. Thus, the new compact slide is the first of its kind that can reproduce the demoulding process for undercuts in a single process.


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