Pero at Metav Cleaning properly after machining

Source: Press release MA Alexander Stark

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Companies that machine and/or form components often have to clean them of chips, grease, etc. between the individual machining steps and before assembly. Cleaning systems, such as those manufactured by Pero, are crucial for this.

The Pero S1A can be seen live at Metav 2022: This is how the entry into cleaning with solvents works.
The Pero S1A can be seen live at Metav 2022: This is how the entry into cleaning with solvents works.
(Source: Pero)

At Metav 2022, Pero’s trade fair focus will be on the broad spectrum of metalworking. This includes not only machining and forming. The cleaning of components also plays an important role. The company is a specialist for precisely this task. It does not matter which chips, greases, oils or dusts have to be removed, what material the components are made of or what geometry they have. Pero has a suitable solution for every cleaning task in industrial use.

The distinctive factor is the modular design of the systems, which work on the basis of solvents or aqueous media and can be individually adapted to the needs of the application. At the Pero Competence Centre experts can test the cleaning of original parts of the potential customer and make the advantages and disadvantages of the individual processes and technologies visible.

At Metav, Pero also proves that getting started in high-quality solvent cleaning does not necessarily have to be expensive. The Pero S1A exhibited in Düsseldorf is already available for an upper five-digit euro amount and is ideally suited for small to medium series. By mechanical rotation, swivelling, flooding and surge flooding, it rinses off all impurities so that the components always leave the system clean and grease-free. Operation under full vacuum protects the cleaning medium, minimises solvent consumption, reduces energy consumption and enables short cycle times.


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