Metrology Calibration of measuring machines: CMM Checking Gauge verifies inspection accuracy

Source: LK Metrology

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A new range of UKAS-certified length and form artefacts complete with holding fixture has been introduced by coordinate measuring machine (CMM) manufacturer LK Metrology, allowing the inspection accuracy of any 3D measuring platform to be verified. A user can therefore have greater confidence in the results of an inspection.

Ongoing monitoring of the accuracy of any 3D measuring system is easy with the new CMM Checking Gauge from LK Metrology.
Ongoing monitoring of the accuracy of any 3D measuring system is easy with the new CMM Checking Gauge from LK Metrology.
(Source: LK Metrology)

The new CMM Checking Gauge from LK Metrology can be used to verify the inspection accuracy of 3D measurement system. Each CMM Checking Gauge (CCG) enables independent monitoring and verification of accuracy through regular intermediate checks on a CMM or portable measuring arm. An OEM can be certain that prototypes and production parts are within tolerance, while subcontractors are able to assure their customers that machining and inspection carried out on their behalf are accurate. It demonstrates a commitment to a consistently high standard of dimensional quality control. Artefact measurement uncertainty is down to ± 0.01 μm.

CCG provides an efficient go/no-go check with measurement results for ongoing CMM monitoring. Three combinations of length bars, ring gauge, test sphere and fixture of different sizes are available to suit various measuring machine models. Regular use provides an early warning of changes in the inspection system and an opportunity to take pre-emptive action. Once identified, accuracy issues due perhaps to environmental changes or an unnoticed probe crash can be addressed by scheduling an interim machine service or calibration, before downstream manufacturing processes are impacted.

The gauge is supplied in a carrying case with a program on a USB drive that runs in LK's Camio measuring and reporting software. The program comprises DMIS measurement and alignment routines for bridge and horizontal arm CMMs, allowing the CCG cycle to run seamlessly on LK machines. However, it is easy for operators of other 3D measuring platforms using different software to program a probing cycle around the artefacts to check for machine accuracy.


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