3D CAD models Cadenas and Kubotek 3D partner to enhance Key Creator efficiency

Source: Press release MA Alexander Stark

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The companies Kubotek 3D and Cadenas have partnered to provide Key Creator mechanical and manufacturing design users access to a comprehensive selection of 3D and 2D component geometry from 3Dfindit.com, the technical search engine powered by Cadenas.

With integrating 3Dfindit.com, users have now access to millions of 3D CAD models from renowned manufacturers.
With integrating 3Dfindit.com, users have now access to millions of 3D CAD models from renowned manufacturers.
(Source: Cadenas)

The integration of 3Dfindit.com in Key Creator gives users access to millions of from renowned manufacturers. From a function built into Key Creator, the data is available for download directly into an active session.

By incorporating accurate models of components from up-to-date catalogs directly into designs, Key Creator users save time and avoid potential mistakes over drawing the components manually. The extensive 3Dfindit.com catalogues, preview and search capabilities save further time over hunting for data across various component manufacturer sites.

Downloaded component data is opened into a new CKD file to allow users to insert it directly into designs and save into a library as needed with just a few clicks. Insertion could be as a simple copy of geometry onto a layer or as multiple linked part references to reduce assembly size. Either way, the user can quickly re-define the insertion origin point and orientation during the insertion/copy step using standard Key Creator capabilities. Opening a CKD file directly also saves the hassle of updating file paths or copying files from the browser's download folder.

3Dfindit.com, the search engine for digital component data, was developed to significantly reduce search times for engineers and to increase efficiency in engineering. “With 3Dfindit.com inside KeyCreator, engineers gain intuitive search methods such as 3D Shape Search, Sketch Search, Color Search or Topology Search, making it easier to find the exact part they are looking for,” explains Jürgen Heimbach, CEO of Cadenas. The search functions are tailor made to suit the needs of CAD users. This saves engineers valuable time by enabling them to find and deploy approved parts instead of recreating them manually. “3Dfindit.com ensures that users of Key Creator can concentrate on developing innovative products instead of manually entering and verifying meta data,” explains Heimbach.

3Dfindit.com is a visual search engine developed by the expert for digital CAD catalogues Cadenas. Engineers, purchasers, and architects worldwide use the search engine to find and download millions of manufacturers verified 3D CAD and BIM models.


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