Formnext 2019 / Scanlab All-in-one scan system to simplify machine construction

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Leading high-quality OEM scan-solution manufacturer based in Germany, Scanlab, will be unveiling a new additive-manufacturing scan head at Formnext 2019 in Frankfurt.

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The innovative and compact Fibersys is a product backed by almost 30 years of experience and expertise.
The innovative and compact Fibersys is a product backed by almost 30 years of experience and expertise.
(Source: Scanlab)

Tailor-made for additive-manufacturing (AM) applications, the new scan head Fibersys is a result of almost three decades of 3D printing expertise. Scanlab says Fibersys is also good for sector newcomers as the all-in-one solution can create high-efficiency laser systems and scalable machine designs quickly and easily. The compact scan system also optimises machine assembly times for integrators and fabrication process times for users.

The 3D-printing sector has been utilising multi-head machines for many years. Productivity for large-area workpieces in particular can be significantly enhanced by combining multiple scan systems using high-overlapping image fields. The new system was developed based on this. The exterior dimensions and beam exit location of Fibersys are optimised to facilitate maximum overlap between adjacent scanners, the company notes.

Scanlab, an expert in laser-beam positioning for AM, applied this application know-how to Fibersys as a turn-key system solution that vastly simplifies machine construction. Machine builders can now concentrate completely on laser processes, without being burdened by their tool’s opto-mechanical design complexities.

According to the company, the new scan system is controlled by an RTC board that also controls the deflection of multi-KW single-mode fibre lasers. The sealed, dust-proof scan head features a fibre adapter to connect directly with the laser and the process-monitoring interface. Ultra-low drift galvos with digital encoders are regulated by latest generation servo electronics. In combination with its optimally designed mirrors, the system delivers exceptional imaging quality and high dynamic performance. Its pre-focus configuration with integrated z axis enables scan head usage without an F-Theta objective, which reduces thermal drift.

The Fibersys is available as of Q2 of 2020. The company sees to design recommendations for optimal usage of multiple scan heads as well as an open, modular system platforms flexibly adaptable to customer specifications.

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