IMTS Advantages of the digital machine shop

Source: Siemens

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On the booth of Siemens at IMTS, visitors can discover how to create tomorrow’s innovations today using the latest end-to-end manufacturing software and machine tool technologies. As part of the in-booth demonstration, the company shows how a manufacturing startup leveraged its software and CNC machine tool technologies to redesign the steering knuckle of an electrical vehicle (EV), improving its manufacturability, performance and cost.

At IMTS, visitors can see the advantages offered by digital machine shops.
At IMTS, visitors can see the advantages offered by digital machine shops.
(Source: Siemens)

There is no denying that manufacturing companies are now racing to digitalize their operations in the most efficient way possible. The benefits of using interoperable software applications and IoT-enabled machine tool technologies to improve manufacturing processes are well known. That is why many manufacturers have begun their digital transformation using Siemens Xcelerator, an open digital business platform that helps accelerate digital transformations for countless companies, partners and everyone in this growing ecosystem. Siemens Xcelerator allows companies of all sizes to access the digital technologies to transform the way they compete, collaborate and connect.

At IMTS, Siemens will demonstrate the clear advantage of the digital machine shop and present its digital technologies used to optimise the production process for a component in an electrical vehicle (EV). From design to process planning, machining operations, and production, our booth experience is a unique opportunity for manufacturing experts to gain cutting-edge practices for digitalization, specifically in a dynamic industry like automotive where the future of mobility is autonomous and connected, just like our digital technologies. See the finished manufactured part within the eRod, an innovative Swiss electric sports car where the steering knuckle was redesigned in a way that improved its performance and reduced its weight by 45 percent.


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