Felixprinters Accessible 3D printing made possible

Editor: Steffen Donath

Making industrial 3D printing available at a lower cost without subtracting quality is the goal of Felixprinters new model Felixprinter Pro 3.

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The Pro 3 Touch is supplied with a touchscreen that can connect to print-file management capabilities and print-server.
The Pro 3 Touch is supplied with a touchscreen that can connect to print-file management capabilities and print-server.
(Source: Felix Printer)

The Felixprinters Pro 3 builds on the previous generations of the system with new features. The Pro 3 was the first Felix platform to incorporate an innovative dual head printing system. It has been built to enable an improvement in print quality as well as consistent accuracy. This claim can largely be attributed to sensors located in the printing head for filament flow detection. If a problem, such as filament running out or a clogged nozzle, arises the print is stopped immediately, the issue is raised and a failed print is avoided, the company claims.

Other key features of the Pro 3 include the improved extruder heater, which reduces dual head printing time by 50%. Moreover, print repeatability is improved through achieving temperature stability in the heater blocks. This is coupled with a dual radial blower which provides three times more cooling power that is distributed homogenously and enables the extruder plastic to cool down faster and more evenly. This produces accurately defined print details, including overhangs, according to the company.

By automating the calibration process, users can save up to an hour compared with manual tweaking of the machine, to achieve much greater productivity and much less frustration. Another key feature of the Felix Pro 3 is the proprietary Quick Swap printheads. The design of the printheads on the Pro 3 mean that users can literally swap out a printhead in 20 seconds or less, the company states.

The Felix Pro 3 also comes with a Flex plate as standard. It prevents damage when removing the printed object

The perception of 3D printing for industrial applications involves high capital and running costs as well as high consumable costs. Felixprinters has leveraged its capabilities and made a move to provide industrial AM solutions, at a price that makes them more accessible to industrial customers for a range of product development, engineering and manufacturing applications.