Cold Metal Transfer Accelerating robot-assisted industrial additive manufacturing

Editor: Alexander Stark

Germany — Supplier of CAD/CAM software components, Module Works, and Robotized, supplier of CNC and robotic manufacturing solutions, have extended their partnership to offer customized, automated solutions that accelerate robot-assisted additive manufacturing, including CMT (Cold Metal Transfer).

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Cold Metal Transfer
Cold Metal Transfer
(Source: LKR Leichtmetallkompetenzzentrum)

Robotized and Module Works already supply customers with tailor-made solutions for subtractive and additive manufacturing. The two companies are now extending and intensifying this cooperation to help manufacturers digitalize their existing workflows and transfer to automated and highly efficient robot-driven production for CMT and other additive processes. The companies see a lot of potential for automating and accelerating additive manufacturing, especially CMT manufacturing. Robotized are experts for robot-assisted welding and buildup welding applications, and together the partners want to digitalize existing processes and use intelligent toolpath planning to deliver efficient, automated solutions that enable manufacturers to remain competitive and productive.

The cooperation combines Robotized process optimization for robotic and machine kinematics with the latest Module Works toolpath algorithms for additive manufacturing. The algorithms generate high-performance, collision-free toolpaths with minimal operator intervention for highly automated and efficient workflows that speed up the manufacturing process. As part of the collaboration Module Works is developing new algorithms for fast CMT manufacturing. This is to enable the partners to offer robot-assisted CMT solutions alongside wire-arc additive manufacturing (WAAM), laser cladding and material extrusion.

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