Dosing Equipment Why low-pressure dosing units with integrated degassing extend the benefits of low-density PU elastomers

From MA Alexander Stark

Cannon Afros, a company of Cannon Group and supplier of high-performance polyurethane (PU) dosing and mixing equipment, has introduced B-Cast, a new dosing unit addressing the needs of PU casting elastomers.

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New Cannon B-Cast low-pressure dosing unit with integrated degassing extends the benefits of low-density PU elastomers to a growing range of markets.
New Cannon B-Cast low-pressure dosing unit with integrated degassing extends the benefits of low-density PU elastomers to a growing range of markets.
(Source: Cannon Group)

The new low-pressure dosing unit B-Cast integrates Cannon’s proprietary technologies including — but not limited to — thin-film degassing, and eco-cleaner for solvent recycle, and can easily be configured to customers’ specific manufacturing requirements for cold and hot cast elastomers ranging from 30°C to 130°C.

As socio-economic development and changes in lifestyle are driving the demand for PU elastomers in traditional market segments, such as footwear, sports, automotive and the paper industry, the company sees significant opportunities for further growth especially with demanding technical applications in other sectors, including oil & gas, marine, industrial and wind power. Francesco Abbà, Sales & Marketing Director for Cannon Afros, states that B-Cast enables clean, efficient and precisely controlled casting of a wide range of compact elastomer systems.

Skateboard Rollers made of low-density PU elastomers.
Skateboard Rollers made of low-density PU elastomers.
(Source: Cannon Group)

Like all Cannon dosing equipment for elastomers, B-Cast has been designed to degas and cast materials at the same time, eliminating the need for a separate degassing unit. The proprietary thin-film degassing technology eliminates potential air entrapments during dosing and mixing and is of strategic advantage in the continuous production of high-quality finished parts. It results in a bubble-free polymer matrix and leads to smooth surfaces with increased abrasion resistance.

Dedicated closed-loop controlled flow transducers provide reliable and repeatable dosing precision. In addition, a special eco-cleaner device for the mixing head and an easy cleaning process make Cannon’s B-Cast an environmentally friendly dosing unit for processors seeking to improve their chemical waste management.

B-Cast offers various configuration options. Several mixers with different design are available to fit a wide range of elastomer systems. The unit can be equipped with tanks of different sizes in stainless or carbon steel to serve multiple material components. It supports up to four colors/catalysts and various output rates for any application.

Moreover, the temperature control of B-Cast provides fast and efficient heating at energy savings of up to 40 percent. Automatic calibration of the mixing ratio saves further time and helps in minimising material waste, keeping constant quality production and error-free operation of the dosing unit. A user-friendly 3-click Human Machine Interface (HMI) touch panel puts all process parameters to the fingertips of the operator with a maximum of three keystrokes. Smart self-calibration of parameters also facilitates the switch of formulations. All maintenance functions are readily “on the run” available and accessible to maximize uptime of the dosing unit.

Within the field of casting elastomers, Cannon’s B-Cast is targeted at major markets from oil & gas, wind power, mining and marine to automotive, paper production, sports, and healthcare. End products include rollers, or wheels, and screening panels, while there are also significant new application possibilities emerging, such as medical prostheses and similar more demanding technical components in other markets.

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