Milling Supplier adds reduced footprint unit to its line of 5-axis gantry machines

Editor: Eric Culp

Delivery times for the unit are quick due to easy availability of parts, according to the manufacturer.

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The gantry machine’s compact design is said to allow for flexible installation.
The gantry machine’s compact design is said to allow for flexible installation.
(Source: F. Zimmermann)

Some 80% of parts in the gantry milling machine FZ 33 Compact from Zimmermann come from the company’s FZ 33 unit, and it suits small to medium-sized workpieces. According to the company, the machine has a good price-performance ratio and is ideal for applications in a diverse range of industries, including aerospace, automotive and tool- and mould making.

The machine offers a generous work area (2,500 mm x 3,000 mm x 1,250 mm) and stable machining with a small footprint, the company said. Zimmermann designed the machine for 5-axis machining of aluminium and composite parts in one setup, but steel and cast iron parts can also be finished. High dynamics are combined with a precise and high-resolution measuring system for accurate positioning, the company said, noting that a rigid machine bed and gantry contribute to the machine’s dynamics. The company added that the unit offers high torque and the A- and C-axis rotate with a speed up to 360°/s.

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Delivery times are said to be short due to optimised production and assembly processes while service technicians have easy access to the machine.

The company said it only uses high-quality components which guarantee a long service life.

A 50-station tool changer is also available, and the milling heads VH 30 and VH 20 are said to be suitable for all applications.

Thanks to the use of standard components, a modular structure and many parts kept in stock, the machine comes at a good price and short-term return on investment, Zimmermann said. Moreover, the unit is energy-efficient, and the compact design allows for flexible installation, according to its supplier.