Meusburger Standard die components make things comfortable

Editor: Eric Culp

Reliable suppliers are said to be the key to success at furniture-maker Hettich. The firm talks about saving time and money by using standard parts from Austrian supplier Meusburger.

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While the external parts of a couch are important, the ones on the inside also contribute to its comfort.
While the external parts of a couch are important, the ones on the inside also contribute to its comfort.
(Source: Meusburger)

Hettich Franke in Balingen, Germany, has been providing technology for furniture for more than a century – and that with a passion. The Hettich brand is said to stand for quality, innovation, reliability and customer focus with customised furniture hardware solutions sold to people across the globe.

The demand for the products comes as no surprise, as Hettich reportedly leaves nothing to chance – including the selection of their suppliers. For cost-effective production, the company uses standard parts from Meusburger.

Success from high standards

Hettich develops, manufactures and sells adjustable systems for seating and beds as well as different types of level-adjustable systems. It sees itself as a system supplier for the manufacturers of upholstered furniture and slatted bed bases. The company is said to work meticulously on products that are often built into the furniture and are thus invisible, but still perceptible. Fitting technology from Hettich moves its customers' furniture and makes it comfortable and safe.

Its years of experience and high innovative strength provide the basis for the success of the company, which boasts turnover of €23 million and employs 125. The company is said to implement the various customer requirements in a consistent and precise manner. For this, Hettich requires clear and uniform guidelines from the very beginning, that is, when selecting the supplier.

Its procurement marketing is said to be organised on a worldwide basis; this setup allows the producer to extract the full potential from the international market. The company’s own standards, such as quality, innovation, customer focus and reliability, are reportedly an important foundation used in the selection of its suppliers.

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