Doosan South Korean supplier unveils small 5-axis vertical machining centre with linear technology

Editor: Eric Culp

Germany – Doosan said it has used state-of-the art linear motor and direct drive technology for its FM 200/5AX Linear 5-axis machining centre.

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Doosan introduces the FM 200/5AX Linear full 5-axis machining center
Doosan introduces the FM 200/5AX Linear full 5-axis machining center
(Source: Doosan)

Developed for simultaneous 5-axis contouring, the centre is said to offer a platform for machining a wide range of complex parts, including medical devices, automotive turbo chargers and other precision parts.

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The company said the unit is built upon a rigid bridge-type base, composed of a highly stable mineral composite material. Because mineral castings absorb vibration at 10 times the rate of iron castings and are much more thermally stable, finished parts are delivered with superior surface finishes, while tool life is increased dramatically, the company explained.

The X, Y and Z axes on the centre are driven by high-precision linear motors, providing industry leading acceleration and deceleration feed rates with little to no backlash, the company explained. The fourth and fifth axes rotary tables are equipped with direct drive motors to deliver matching levels of performance. The platten size is 200mm in diameter with a capacity load of 15kg. Travels on the centre are 200 x 340 x 300mm. Rapid traverse rates on all axes are 50m/minute, with a cutting feed rate of 2m/minute.

Spindle speeds of 45,000 RPM are achieved with 19 HP spindle featuring an HSK E40 taper. As a result, vibration has been minimised and stability has been maximised, Doosan said. It has 24-tool stations as standard, and productivity is said to be further increased with the reliability of a direct drive, servo-driven automatic tool changer. Maximum tool diameter is quoted at 50mm and maximum tool length and weight are 180mm and 1kg, respectively.

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