Günther Heisskanaltechnik Slim, long hot runner nozzles join company’s signature line

Editor: Eric Culp

Günther Heisskanaltechnik has extended its portfolio of Blue Flow hot-runner nozzles. A series of slim and long nozzles with a melt-channel diameter of 3mm and a length of up to 180mm rounds off the standard range.

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(Source: Günther)

These slim nozzles are said to be ideal for multi-cavity moulds, and they can be conveniently mounted from the parting level. The advantage of mounting from the parting level is that the tool can remain on the injection-moulding machine for maintenance work and nozzle replacement. The mould design is lower because there is no nozzle holding plate, and the nozzle length is better utilised, the supplier said. In addition, two fittings on the nozzle head allow for precise positioning on the pitch spacing.

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The manifold is sealed off by the fit and separated from the cable ducts. This is said to facilitate access to the cabling. These design features also offer additional protection against any leakages occurring in the system, according to the supplier.

The power cables are spatially and thermally separated from the manifold and therefore offer additional safety if the cable insulation is under stress. Günther said it pays particular attention to thermal separation between the hot-runner nozzles and the cavity, which also applies therefore to the new nozzle.

The two-part shaft, which consists of a titanium alloy with low thermal conductivity in the front area and the integrated air gap, assure effective insulation and accordingly a low loss of heat from the hot runner nozzle to the mould, the supplier explained. The temperature distribution in the nozzle is therefore very homogeneous. The heat-conductive tip, with effective protection against wear and a thermal conductivity of around 120 W/mK, enables very even opening and a clean tear-off performance.

All of this favours trouble-free processing of both technical and high-temperature-resistant plastics, for which the new new nozzles are suited, the manufacturer explained.

The nozzle series with a 3-mm melt-channel diameter comes in lengths of 50, 80 and 120mm. The gate geometry can be delivered with a tip or an open nozzle piece.

In its standard range, Günther supplies nozzles with melt-channel diameters of 4, 5 and 6 mm. The nozzles are available in the lengths 50, 60, 80, 100, 120 and 180 mm.

According to Günther, it is combining all the company’s product advantages in one product, the new nozzle.