Fakuma 2015 Online hot runner product catalogue simplifies, shortens product search

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Germany – PSG Plastic Service is launching an updated edition of PSG Speed-CAD, its online hot runner technology product catalogue.

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Configurating to download the catalogue.
Configurating to download the catalogue.
(Source: PSG)

This product catalogue covers software, design and content. The company will present the new website at Fakuma and visitors will be able to see and experience its new features and advanced content in live presentations.

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PSG's main website and the product catalogue (psg.worldcat.de) are now based on the same navigation principles, which helps to shorten and simplify product search. This is said to shorten and simplify the product search. The company says that product-related data - including CAD drawings, data sheets, operating manuals, brochures and videos - can now be loaded with a single click.