Matsuura New machining centre

Editor: Steffen Donath

Matsuura Machinery Corporation has developed a new high speed, large capacity 5-axis vertical machining centre

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The new MAM72-52V.
The new MAM72-52V.
(Source: Matsuura)

With the MAM72-52V, the maximum workpiece size is D520 mm x H400 mm with a load capacity of 300 kg per pallet: a 23 % increase in diameter, 50 % increase in weight, and 75 % increase in envelope volume compared to existing models. In addition, the newly developed 4th-/5th-axis table equipped with direct drive motors achieves a rapid traverse rate of 50 min-1 and 100 min-1 respectively, enabling both high speed and high accuracy in one machine. By reviewing the machine structure, improved accessibility and good operability for setup are ensured since the distance from the machine front (oil pan edge) to the pallet centre is reduced to 564 mm and that to the spindle center to 134 mm, the company explains.

The MAM72-52V is an all-in-one machine that enables variable-part variable-volume production and extended unmanned operation, featuring a matrix tool magazine (130 tools/330 tool magazine base), tower pallet system (PC15) and chip removal system (spiral chip conveyor, lift-up chip conveyor) as standard equipments. Furthermore, to cope with the recent IoT trends, an optional feature for outputting machine running data to a host system is available using a communication protocol called ‘MTConnect’ designed for machine tools, Matsuura states.