Priamus Mounting sleeve ensures easier attachment of cavity temperature, pressure sensors

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The combination offers a better option.

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The company’s solution (r.) employs features of standard devices.
The company’s solution (r.) employs features of standard devices.
(Source: Priamus)

Priamus has announced the introduction of the Priafit mounting sleeve for cavity pressure and cavity temperature sensors for simplifying the connection of devices.

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When using conventional methods to mount the sensors directly at the moulded part, the two different sensors usually have to be attached in two different ways, the Swiss mould component supplier explained. While the cavity pressure sensor is mounted with the help of a mounting nut in order to ensure that the installation situation is as stiff as possible and thus ensure the avoidance of measuring errors, the temperature sensor is usually clamped with the assistance of a distance sleeve.

According to the supplier, both methods can prove to be less than ideal because the thread for the mounting nut must often be tapped deep in the bore hole, and limitations require the distance sleeve to be cut to the exact length.

The supplier explained that its latest introduction, the Priafit mounting sleeve, offers toolmakers both a simple yet efficient alternative: the device consists of a combination of mounting nut and distance sleeve so it can take advantage of the upsides of both mounting methods, Priamus said.

According to the company, the thread can easily be tapped near the top of the borehole, an advantage that reportedly eliminates the requirement for cutting cut the sleeve exactly to length. However, users still must cut the sleeve to an approximate length, the company explained.

In addition, the supplier reported that it recently helped to secure the global injection moulding operations of an international OEM regardless of the location where the components are made.

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