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Editor: Steffen Donath

At this year’s event, the industry leading CAD/CAM vendor will also provide manufacturers an opportunity to witness the steps that Hypermill has taken with its latest release, Version 2020.1.

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The new ‘Smooth linking’ function automatically optimises all linking movements.
The new ‘Smooth linking’ function automatically optimises all linking movements.
(Source: Open Mind)

The latest Hypermill 2020.1 release introduces a raft of new features that include significant enhancements to everything from Slot-Rib Probing, 3D Optimised Roughing, 3D Profile Finishing, 3D and 5-axis Corner Rest Machining, 5-axis Blade Tangent Milling, Additive Manufacturing and Automatic Contour Feature Splitting. In addition to this, Open Mind has incorporated further improvements to the Settings Wizard, Toolpath Display, 5-axis Tube Finishing and 5-axis Contouring functions with more feature enhancements also incorporated into the Hyper CAD-S CAD platform.

The major new features in the latest Hypermill 2020.1 release arrive from the NC code-based Hypermill Virtual Machining simulation solution, the Digital Twin concept and the Hypermill Automation Center.

Creating a perfect fusion between the virtual and real world, Hypermill Virtual Machining creates a virtual representation of the actual Machine tool.

Virtual world with real-world benefits

In the modern manufacturing environment, the ability to create a virtual representation or ‘Digital Twin‘ of a Machine tool is becoming increasingly important. Hypermill Virtual Machining makes it possible to design a significantly more efficient and safer set-up.

Hypermill Virtual Machining consists of three modules

In the ‘Center‘, which is the simulation solution, the Machine, the controller and PLC, are represented virtually and simulated based on the NC code — for maximum safety.

During the postprocessor run, the ‘Optimizer‘ automatically selects the best solution for collision-free orientation. In Version 2020.1, the Optimizer has been enhanced, so the automatic solution selection and calculation time during post-processor have been improved. This significantly reduces auxilliary processing times. The new ‘Smooth linking’ function automatically optimises all linking movements between the individual operations during the postprocessor run. This ensures that repositioning and movement is always in close proximity to the workpiece and checked for collisions. Subsequently the ‘Connected Machining‘ feature enables bi-directional networking with the Machine so that parameters can be compared against the CAM programme, and the Machine can also be controlled remotely.

True-to-detail diagram of the laser machining head in Hypermill.
True-to-detail diagram of the laser machining head in Hypermill.
(Source: Open Mind)

Hypermill adds-up with enhanced AM features

Also reaching prominence in the modern manufacturing arena is Additive Manufacturing and Open Mind is geared-up for this with the latest Hypermill Additive Manufacturing updates in Version 2020.1.

Hypermill Additive Manufacturing allows manufacturers to control both additive and subtractive processes. For Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) Open Mind optimally integrates into the process chain to post-process printed parts. Hypermill Additive Manufacturing actively controls the material application of the Directed Energy Deposition (DED) process to ensure optimal results. In hybrid manufacturing processes that combine additive and subtractive manufacturing, Hypermill enables users to perfectly program additive layering and subtractive milling together. The unique 5-axis technology from Open Mind is suited for simultaneously controlling 5-axis material deposition and thereby achieving optimal results. Hypermill Additive Manufacturing is the perfect partner for your additive manufacturing needs.

For further information on the latest Hypermill 2020.1 release and the updates to the Hypermill Virtual Machining, Hypermill Automation Center and the Hypermill Additive Manufacturing modules, please visit the Open Mind Technologies Booth 440 in Hall 17.

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