Tool Components Latch locking units ensure precise control of parting planes

From MA Alexander Stark

The new latch locking units for injection moulding tools launched by Hasco are designed in a way that ensures precise control of several parting planes.

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The DLC-coated functional surfaces of the latch units minimise friction and wear.
The DLC-coated functional surfaces of the latch units minimise friction and wear.
(Source: Hasco)

In injection moulding tools with several parting planes, e.g. with three-plate moulds, latch locking units control, with utmost precision, the movement of the parting planes during the opening of the injection moulding tool.

The new latch locking units with double-sided latch function from Hasco feature very high transferable forces. The adaptive assembly outside the moulding tool allows flexible assembly and provides for a variety of combination options. This includes a fixing alternative through parallel keys.

According to the company, this addition to the product range offers innovative options. The different versions can be activated either via the mould stroke or the ejector stroke. They also offer the possibility of working with delayed pulling action. Especially when the main parting plane is to open first, before a second opening takes place, the new Push-Loks are used.

The latch locking units have DLC-coated functional surfaces and thus offer optimum conditions with regard to minimising friction and wear, ensuring a long service life. They are especially suitable for use in the food and medical sectors, because they enable operation without lubricants, and are thus eligible for clean-room applications.